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    Thank you. I`m back to the old interface I hope someone can help me change the currency back to €.
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    Hi. I really hate this new interface. How do i change back to €?? Now i have £ Can we use the old interface? Thanks
  3. Re: Is reporting illeagal transfers broken?
  4. Re: Massive cheating
  5. Re: Massive cheating This has happened in my league too. I have reported it many days a go, but nothing is being donne about it. This game is dead. Derby County have splashed out and secured the signing of Jack WILSHERE from Arsenal ([/url]) for 50,000,000 plus Gareth ROBERTS. Middlesbrough () have managed to sign Bacary SAGNA from Arsenal () on a deal believed to be around 25,000,000 plus Adam REACH. Mikel ARTETA has shocked Arsenal () fans by moving to Derby County for 17,000,000. Thomas VERMAELEN has completed his move to Leeds United from Arsenal () for 25,000,000. Just a few of the many deals Arsenal have made. And after that all those managers quit. And others come to other clubs and start buying Arsenal players. He owns the market, because money no problem.
  6. Hi. I need help. A new manager has come to my league, but he owns 4 clubs, and he is selling average players, for huge amounts of money. I have reported the case 4 ou 5 days ago, but he continues to do the same thing every day, and i feel that no one cares that he is cheating. What can more can i do? it`s not fair that he is buying the best players with cheating money.
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