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  1. Re: Selling Ronaldo....? Thanks for the advice guys. Second thoughts (easily persuaded?) I'm going to try and negotiate a better deal, see what the other manager comes back at me with... worst case scenario I've still got one of the best players in the world in my team, I guess! I don't think Hummels + Neymar + 20m would be particularly *bad* business though.
  2. Hi guys, After some opinions on this deal.... selling Cristiano Ronaldo for Hummels + Neymar + £20m... I would still have Iniesta, Ribery, Mata, Oscar as my wingers... and Neymar I think will go up in rating again soon. However I've also got Pique and Busquets, so Hummels wouldn't be my first choice CB, unless I moved Busquets to midfield... my next best CB is Varane though, so not quite as much of a high rating at the moment. Would you say that's a good deal for me? Or is Ronaldo just too good to sell? Thanks
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