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  1. Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge The 10$ aren't the problem. I would pay twice as much if i could play without chairman intervention and without SMFA intervention. I just can't do any deals because everything that isn't a cash deal gets shot down and cash deals simply won't get you good players. In the current state the game isn't worth the time investment for me.
  2. Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge I tried all kinds of tactics and none worked. Offensive, defensive, two strikers or one, targetman, playmaker,...you name it. And playing offensive a whole season worked for my Greenock Morton which won the Scottish Championship in GC 100 against a much superior Rangers and Celtic. In any case a team which was so far superior to the competition should have been more successfull.
  3. Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge June 7 I have made a decision. Lately playing SM wasn't fun for me and i don't feel like continuing to spend so much time with a game that constantly interferes with my decision-making. When i play a manager game i want to have clear rules and then be able to make my own choices but chairman intervention and SMFA intervention have taken the fun out for me. I feel that the Leyton Orient Challenge has been a success but not as much as i hoped for. Not getting out of division 2 in a full year has really baffled me. My team is far and away the best team in divisi
  4. Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge June 3 Sorry for not updating but i have been busy. My team has hit another bad streak and only got one point from the last four games. With 7 points behind the crucial 6th place and only 4 games to go my season is almost over unless there will be a miracle. The transfer market is equally bad. The SMFA is constantly intervening with my plans and transfers have beome very hard if not impossible. To get ahead my team has to do multi-player deals and almost all of them are automatically labelled as attempts to cheat. A few of my players to rating increases: B
  5. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Oh ok, thanks for the information. I dimly recall now that he was on loan somewhere but i forgot that.
  6. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Floro Flores was rated today. I assume Udinese ratings have finished. I don't recall SM ever rating a team over two days.
  7. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) GC 1 Torpedo Moskva still available has a solid squad and some top talents
  8. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Sparta Praha in GC 1 It has a good number of quality players and talents. International competition almost guaranteed. and Torpedo Moskva is available as well in GC 1. A good squad with some excellent talents in one of the toughest divisions.
  9. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) I am surprised that Giaccherini stayed at 86. He was outstanding for his team and no gain... Hopefully they will correct this when Giaccherini switches clubs.
  10. Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge May 19 My team played twice and won both games. Wolverhampton Wanderers and Brighton and Hove Albion were beaten 1:0. In the 2nd game ILICIC scored his first goal of the season in his 23rd appearance. This gives me hope that SCHURRLE will be able to get at least one goal as well this season. Leyton Orient has now won four straight without conceeding a goal. My team moved up into 6th. I have no clue why my team is suddenly winning games but i can tell you that it feels unreal somehow. I guess i am not used to it any more. Before the last two games Diego MILI
  11. Re: SMFA = Joke But i need those multi-player deals. Its the only way i can improve my team. I have a lot of solid players and i am trying to get a handfull of very good ones. And players is the only currency that really counts in GC 1 as you certainly know. I sent a ticket because of the Independiente thingy as well but apparently SM think everything is fine.
  12. Re: SMFA = Joke I have a deal in GC 1 one going my way for cash, bid has gone through 3 players going the other way. SMFA has intervened on the first transfer which was fine with both chairmen (6.5 million for GUM) now what are we supposed to do? I hate this stupid intervention all the time. It serves no purpose at all. Three weeks ago a new chairman took over Independiente in the same setuop and wrecked the club by selling all good players, then he left. That is the kind of thing SM should watch, not deals by established managers who are just trying to play a game.
  13. Re: Reversed Transfers The problem is that SM apparently has reversed your deal and none of the others. I guess my analysis was wrong. This is pretty unfair by SM.
  14. Re: Transfers being reversed It is because some guy became Independiente manager, sold all good players and left. If people deliberately wreck clubs those deals should get reversed imo.
  15. Re: FERNANDINHO, Luis . sell ?? Ayew seems a huge prospect right now. I am not sure which of the two is the better player but on current form Ayew is much better.
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