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  1. Sorry I’ve not been very active but nice to see some people are still posting away. Will try to post properly again soon
  2. Fleetwood youth side already making it clear they will be leaving at the end of the season:
  3. After 2 years ofJoey Barton, Fleetwood Town decided that a cultural upshift was required and Barton was given the boot and replaced by World Cup winning manager Sir Sean. Following his unveiling as a manager at weekend, SM legend Sir Sean quickly made his presence felt at Highbury Stadium. Following the returning of several loanees deemed unusable to the cause, his first move was bringing in exciting young Liverpool forward Taiwo Awoniyi in on loan from the Anfield side. Taiwo has been followed by 12 permanent signing from around the globe. Oskar Buur & Owen Otasowi
  4. Get him to give me or Gaz a nudge, what's your ingame name?
  5. Friday is go live day - i will contact you all when ready to launch.
  6. If you have been chosen for the gameworld, please send us 2 or 3 teams not picked/excluded yet to me or Gaz or
  7. Please contact Me, Gaz, Ash, Ben etc, in game preferably, regarding your team choices Teams taken to date are: Monaco - Ash Roma - Venk AC Milan - Me Liverpool - Gaz Inter - Nik Napoli - Pat Leverkusen - Noisy Ajax - Nick Shalke - Ashley Lyon - Ben. RB Leipzig - Damian Colautti Everton - Michalel Bowes Borrusia MG - Warren Livesey Marseille - Thumbs up Sevilla - Roy Keane* Lazio - Alessandro Loli Benfica - Zak Cleur Porto - David Inglis bilbao - hannah valencia - pip Shaktar- lord nedv
  8. Launching Friday 26th May - THE European Championship is being created by the WhatsApp Collaberative and will feature 30 or 40(depending on reliable uptake) teams. It will be custom to keep out cheaters etc. To keep it interesting we have excluded some of the top teams There will be no: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Bayern, Dortmund, PSG, Juventus, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City & Manchester United. This is not up for discussion. budget looks to be £25mil with a normal economy.
  9. New spanish setup gone live this morning. No externals accepted yet. Plenty of top managers in there,,,,, Come along and join in Spanish 29042 - Gameworld ID 349975
  10. nice work Matt so I stand at this point with 1863 and Ben at 1814 I have a 3-2 win and 1-1 draw to go on, and Ben has a 1-0 defeat and a 0-0 draw..... looks promising....
  11. If we get, for example, a player born in Africa, who, after being bought by the ROTW team, opts to play for france and gets a french nationality - my guess would be that they just have to be sold to the first external/european offer, would that be correct?
  12. Just in at the Hammers Filling up nicely with the likes of Gaz, preppens, noisy, Dom, nick justice and many others.
  13. Nice work again Matt/Ben. Still got about 100 points to make up though
  14. I've got the old veterans(10 players 34+) and have Mere, Kaiser, Llorente, Horta, Oyarzable, Casteels, Fletcher, Blin & Kessie to be long term regulars after a rise or two each, Rashford to make me a huge profit and clear any and all debt when I want to. and about 7 or 8 to just sell at a profit.. **although a couple of my oldies are set for HUGE rating drops if they ever get a review (playing 3rd and 4th teir football)
  15. Ok. So it's seems due to quitters,internal squabbling and the gameworld creator going, we find that this gameworld has hit a premature end.... Which means relaunch is looking likely... so anyone who was in the first one interested in pt 2 get on the facebook group or let me know below. Now is also the time to discuss teams.. rules etc. My thoughts were smaller sides ( but not too small) and maybe transfer windows so we can apply rules for each window.
  16. got a current stating XI averaging 86, best players being Kaka & Pizarro But happy with my risers: Casteels, Llorente, Mere, & Kaiser are all starters who should rise. Rashford, Oyarzabal, Horta & Lemos should hopefully make the breakthrough after their next rise. which leaves the likes of Romero, Fletcher, Cafaro, Kessie, Gooch, Blin, Hernandez, and Tudor to break through from there. hoping I have enough quick risers outside that lot to sell on for profit in 10 weeks.. but realise Rashford, with his impending rise and immense value as a result of i
  17. you need 18 for the tactics, but you'll need 21 in before sunday morning - or the chairman will autofill your team, giving you a financial advantage over the rest of us
  18. Not had a proper look yet. Did some drunken bidding when i got home early sat am, withdrew some of them latet on yesterday. Forgot to bid on loads of players i wanted. I know i have kaka and casteels. And think i have the more talented ofbthose 2 french brothers at atletico. Hoping to have a proper look tonight.
  19. hopefully I won't need too many here.... tombstone for those that arse off, and people that serve us well but still fall by the wayside will get a proper tribute.... that's the plan anyway
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