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  1. If you do message me quick still 500+ days of Gold Membership
  2. What happened to the feature, I'd like to buy membership but I can only do it by card, which i dont have
  3. What formation do you think I should play? Plus instructions?
  4. what happened to the option?
  5. i'm looking for a team to support for next season, any suggestions? i dont like west ham claret and blue lol
  6. Re: What would be a good realistic club to start off with?
  7. Re: What would be a good realistic club to start off with?
  8. I don't want to start off with my favourite team (Barcelona), i'm from england, what club should I start off with, one that a new manager could expect to start off with etc, both in game and real life?? i wanna make a club transform, maybe change the history
  9. Re: English Championship 30939 (New Idea - Forum Take Over) I'm in, took woking, hoping i can take them to champions league in 6 seasons. 0TWYcQ8tAKg
  10. DA10

    Wc 40000

    Re: Wc 40000 anyone know any clubs available? my username is maniac99
  11. DA10

    Wc 40000

    Re: Wc 40000 damn it I missed out on a good gameworld
  12. any decent gameworlds you guys recommend with decent but challengable clubs to rebuild etc? I want to start a division 4/5 challenge from season 1/1, so any new gameworlds coming out that you're all planning to join?>
  13. Re: Old member, new account thanks everyone
  14. Re: Old member, new account Thanks for the welcome
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