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  1. Gustaf Mattsson here...for Hereenveen.
  2. Mattsson


    Seems like Derley is already updated in the AvP Hall of Fame? Other than that, I can't find anything good in Lugano after a disappointing season.
  3. where's the challenge in that? Fulham would be a funnier choice :-)
  4. Game world: 229506 not sure which teams are left right now though. Some of them right now offered to other players.
  5. Some fine teams available, for example: Arsenal (Özil, Götze, Mata, Ramsey etc) Tottenham (Danilo, Rojo, Immobile, Kovacic etc) Wolfsburg (De Bruyne, Falcao, Navas, Ricardo Rodriguez, etc)
  6. Listing below some GW's with a decent amount of managers (>40). Feel free to add to the list. Usually the first set-ups for each country/region is quite full. I didn't list them all. I didn't include new GW's (they usually gets filled up initially, and then often drop below 50% after a month or three). English Championships 1-20 World Championships 1-19 is usually more or less full, but if you're lucky there might be an open spot World Championships 20-28 World Championship 10000 World Championship 30000 World Championship 40000 English Championship 30000
  7. Mattsson


    I'm looking for quick risers in major leagues with limited talent so they will be traded to a smaller league at the time they are 86-rated ? I'm getting a fairly big squad, but have a hard time selling off the players that just got that raise to 82. 80% of them might be stuck there forever, but once they get that raise I start to like them and don't want to sell...haha, I will get ruined.
  8. Mattsson


    when I signed up for 87+ I mainly saw the challenge to find potential risers....and of course you guys already picked most of them. now I realize that the challenge is just as much about which players to keep. with the low attendance you can't support the salaries if you got a big squad. So you need to sell off some players...but which ones? who will get stuck at 82, who has mediocre talent and will get a rise to 85-86 and sit there for a bunch of years and who will race quickly to 87 and get limited time in the first team? A lot of interesting choices that you don't have in other GW's.
  9. Mattsson


    first time I got a bit annoyed by a +2.... Vardy is on the transfer list and taken out of the line up
  10. Mattsson


    hi...I've applied for Lugano.
  11. nearing end of the season. Quite happy with Milan's performance. Will Dortmund take their second title?
  12. estudiantes have had a fairly good start to the new season...4th in the 3'rd division after 12 games. We're looking for a few new signings but are quite happy with the squad.
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