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  1. Anyone else's result not been done? English championship 748 still says in progress from last night...
  2. I manage a team in division 3 in a full game world, there's a team in the top division with many rated 91+ in most positions, yet players like dier etc who are 88 still can't be loaned even though they would be like 3/4 choice in that squad
  3. Anyone else think that the way chairman won't allow loans to be made needs fixing? Teams that have squads full of 90+ players still can't loan our players on 88/89 ability despite the fact they don't get game time.. Surely it's more game effective to allow them to be out on loan
  4. Anyone else think that this chairman malarkey of not allowing a playing of 89-90 ability out on loan even if he's not playing in your first team as you've got better players currently in the team needs to be changed?
  5. Why have the tactics I set this afternoon been ignored and the game has used totally different formation and players? Cost me the game and find it a joke?
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