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  1. I am considering legal action to get my money back from SM. When i signed up 6 years ago, i was told multiple accounts and cheating would carry severe punishment.... 6 years on and ive yet to wittness this. Ive paid hard earned cash for some jumped up, usually foriegn scumbag to come along and ruin a gameworld in just a couple of days. Im now so frustrated at the lack of help from SM im going to resign from a club for every deal i report illegal and goes unpunished. Eventually no-one will pay and you'll just be left with a bunch of non-paying cheating free loaders I will not be renewing my membership untill this issue gets addressed, or i get my refund! "PM me" says steve. why the hell should we? Thats your job! Its us honest players that have to police this game, yet nothing gets done about it! Why?!?
  2. Re: Does SM even care about cheating anymore ? Finally, think this should get read by one person at least! firstly like to coment on stevens limp answer... "drop me a PM" he says.... why the hell should we?!?! Most of the people that care about this game and play it honestly have paid to become a gold member. When i for one signed up it stated cheats will be punished sevearley.... i seen no case of that in six years of playing SM. Ive reported at least three illegal deals this week, all blatant, none of which have been dealt with! WHY! Why should the honest players have to police their gameworlds!! Errr hello? steven? Thats your job! weve paid money for this! Well ive come to this as my new rule... for every deal i report and nothing happens i will quit one club until i have none left. Quit three this evening and it will continue. Youve shafted the honest people good and proper... niceone steven. I for one will not be renewing my mebership, if i even get to that stage.... feel let down bigtime...
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