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  1. Just started with a new barca team so need a keeper, been offered Lloris for Pedro? What do you reckon? Ive offered Valdes whos a free agent a deal for his minimum allowed offer about 8.5M will he accept this or should i got for lloris? Cheers
  2. Im in a completely new league so have the standard Barcelona squad. Could you guys assist me in good formations to use with this team and also what players to bring in to help strengthen my squad. Any help would be massively appreciated as I'm new to this game! Thank you
  3. Re: The Random Thread Thanks mate i'm completely new to the whole game so still finding my way around, kept clicking on the last game world that wasnt created until it came up with one and finally got my dream Barcelona job! But yeah, enjoy being random
  4. Re: The Random Thread my bad thought id just bring it up randomly
  5. Re: The Random Thread Hi guys, does anyone know how often new world championship game worlds are created? Cheers
  6. Hi guys, just made myself an account and after playing for a while im left wondering a few things, firstly how long does it take for transfer to be accepted or rejected by a computer manager or by an external club? Also what I thought was my strong manchester city squad which is a new league so has everyone that man city currently have in the real team just lost to charlton 2-0 in a friendly. I done my tactics before the match and fielded my best team. Was this result just a shock result or could I be doing something obviously wrong? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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