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  1. Re: Gold championship 42 Match reports/transfers Burton announce new manager Yes i resigned from my Dream Team Sheffield United to take the Burton Albion job. No report will just post transfers and results up. Good Luck mate (just dont finish abouve me lol)
  2. DariusHenderson7


    Re: Hi. Hey mate, new comers/people coming back are always welcomed, so long as the abied by the rules. Which your not at the moment mate, In your sig it says 'rep apreciated' if you read about rep it does say not to mention it in your sig or beg for it. Am i correct? If not then please correct me. So its nowt big but if you could get it out of your sig then that would be great. Hope to see you around.
  3. This is just to see if anyone is in EC 2208. If so we can do reports.
  4. This is basically to see if anyone is in this setup. If so please lets have a bit of banter writing our Match Reports.
  5. Re: Gold Championship 39 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Swindon's manager has a problem with the Captain? Mark Swift announced today that he has a bid in for veteran Ronny Johnson but has competition from Rotherham. He also has an accepted bid for Ian Bennett. Then Lilian Nalis is at the club. So in a short statement Mark had this to say.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 39 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Right if we get one more spam im guessing that with out a doubt it will be locked. 90% of us are doing what we should writing reports. Then there are the odd few going saying 'will this bid be accepted' - 'How much do you want for him' How many times have we said stop spamming! For the last time Stop Spamming. To add, if i was a mod i would have closed this ages ago. :mad:
  7. Re: Control More Teams I think i know what you mean but the thing is this, It is very annoying controlling 13 teams, as i do and the other thing. Although it will keep people on the game longer i believe that this is a business? Am i correct? Yes. So one way of making money is getting people to become a Gold Member and get 10 extra club slots. But to become a Gold Member you have to pay £15. So they will never do this as this site is a business, well to them it is.
  8. Re: Matchday Teamsheet Well thought of and it could possibly work but it would defiantly need changing. As someone said it wouldn't benefit the people in different time zones. So in my eyes id rather them not because it would take a lot of altering. I also find Match days very good at the moment, so being them not needing to change it.
  9. Re: Gold Championship 39 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Please keep deals to PM, thanks mate
  10. Re: Gc38 Transfers And Match Reports Carried On from the last two posts. 2 - 0 Right sorry guys for the 3 posts but i had too many pictures and had to split it up.
  11. Re: Gc38 Transfers And Match Reports The above Post summed up in pictures. José Alvalade empty as Mark Swift leaves for a short holiday in England. All these four join as... These 5 leave as P/E.
  12. Re: Gc38 Transfers And Match Reports Sporting 'Lisbon' Press Conference Since Thursday Mark Swift has spent one day at the club, and that was Thursday he made a lot of bids for players and then just seemed to turn a blind eye on them. It was only today that he logged in and he had received a load of bids for his players. To add to the misery Sporting lost 2-0 to Belenenses today, and he had this to say to the fans. Transfer Talk It has been busy in Sporting with people coming in and out, there are still one or two bids to go through but we sum it all up here. In - Angel
  13. Re: Gold Championship 39 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Well, altohugh i had to settle witgh Swindon im good. The Blades won 1-0 and are now 5th in league, and there will be another GC round the corner. Hull City top of the table?? Cant be, wait can be. So yeah im new manager of Swindon, might not do match reports becuase no one is in Division 3 but i will keep updating people.
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