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  1. PJW

    DM help!

    Re: DM help! Thanks guys, seriously given me something to think about. Have to admit Alonso does seem to be the best option now if he really is looking likely to hit 94. So in your experiences do you find there's no real difference between playing an out an out DM or CM/DM in the holding role of a 5 man midfield? I maybe should have mentioned this before but my central midfield squad looks like this: Zanetti, Gargano, Xavi, Fabregas, Guti and Carrick with AM options of Danny and Gourcuff. In my youth team and out on loan i have the usual suspects of Noboa, Magrao, Carioca, Jean, Ramsey and Zu
  2. PJW

    DM help!

    Hey guys, Got a bit of a dilemma in that my main DM is Zanetti who at 35 is still rated 94 and likely to stay so from what i can tell. I bought Gargano thinking he'd be a long term answer to this position but due to Napoli's poor form i'd be surprised if he hits 90 the next time he's reviewed. So now im looking at purchasing a new DM to act as cover and eventually take the role on. My options are pretty good but i have no idea who to choose so hoping for a few informed opinions, so here are the players available: Xabi Alonso - 93, Yaya Toure - 92, Miguel Veloso - 91, Fernando Gago - 91 and fi
  3. Hi guys, This isn't my set-up or anything before anyone asks, i'm just looking to make this as competitive a competition as it can possibly be. We've seen good managers come and go so am now looking for those willing to see the job through. We're halfway through season 2 so it'll be a bit of a rebuilding job but with a little bit of effort and an obvious talent for managing i hope 1 or 2 new managers will help turn a few sides fortunes around. At the moment sides such as Blackburn, Bolton, Birmingham, Derby, Fulham, Hull, Leicester, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd & Wigan are available for some up
  4. Re: English Championship 2898 -- Darlington Wow with that squad of players you must be hammering the other sides in that division. Guessing it'll be a case of who finishes runners-up to you....or will it?
  5. Re: Any Good English Championships !?! EC1541 isn't too bad. Could do with a few new managers though as we're at turn 16 of season 2 with it 47.50% full. Got sides like Villa,Bolton,Portsmouth & Wigan free, Villa somehow are a worse side now than what they begin with which is a shame
  6. Hi guys, Got a bit of a dilemma here in that i know due to Arsenal's current form and the fact that he just aint playing he wont be keeping his 94 rating once the EPL changes come around. Im looking to sell him on now rather than leave it closer to this time. The problem i have is he's my 2nd best CB after Puyol, i tend to play 3-5-2 with Chiellini as the other CB. My backup's are both 89's so will need to find a decent replacement. Im playing in a EC so money is fairly tight as its pretty much the start of the 2nd season. I've already had a few offers of nearly 30m straight cash but then thi
  7. In need of a new backup striker as my other 2 main strikers just got injured for 4 or so weeks so am looking at purchasing an 89 rated forward with potential to rise soon. Noticed Odemwingie can be bought for 7.7m & from what i can tell has a chance of rising +1 in the next week or so. Anyone got any advice or even better suggestions? Looking to spend around the 8m mark, no more really. Thanks in advance
  8. Re: New manager spending spree then quits Had something a bit different just happen to me. Had 2 Spurs players (Gardner & Dos Santos) on loan at my Forest side, obviously were 2 of my better players. Well the Spurs manager quit earlier today so i was a bit worried about a new manager coming in & recalling them, knew it was a possibility & was prepared for it. Well whats actually happened is the Derby manager has quit & taken over at Spurs, recalled both then quit straight after and gone & joined Derby in another set-up. Lets just say he wasnt doing so well in our league
  9. Re: Ronaldinho Sorry but if you're talking about that game in which Milan lost 2-1 at home i'll go as far to say i wasnt that impressed by him. Anyway its too early to really judge him, best leave it another month or 2 before making your mind up as that'll give him a bit of time to settle in
  10. PJW

    Forest fan here

    Re: Forest fan here Thanks for the welcome guys! Nice to see a few midlanders on here, wont go getting drawn on the Forest-Derby thing.....just yet. As for Commons, you're welcome to him, even if he did cost a fair sized transfer fee we're pretty happy with Earnshaw so thanks in return. In reply to ntfc we're not that badly off with fans even if they do give your old boss a bit of stick, oh & where did Chambers learn to defend? You use him on the wing or something back then?
  11. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Hope you're right about them going back over each nation as still waiting & hoping for Thomas Hinum to rise from his 78>80's....or has that been confirmed as not happening? Thanks
  12. PJW

    Forest fan here

    Hey all, Been playing this game now for a couple of weeks, discovered this forum about a week or so ago. Read some pretty interesting things, all pretty useful i might add particularly some of the scouting threads. Originally from Nottingham but now living in Brisbane so i cant complain. Look forward to seeing you all on the boards & in game
  13. Re: Rewarding Loyalty Something has to be done for the good of the game as too many setups seem to have people getting a club spending all that sides money then leaving after 2-3 games if they've lost a game or 2. Then nobody wants those sides because of the rubbish they've been left with, personally i cant see why a managers rating cant be decreased by say 10 for everytime they quit a side, maybe need a 50+ rating to manage a prem side, 45+ champ etc.....just a suggestion to stop the hoppers
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