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  1. Re: international setup... So The International Setups Are Just Around The Corner For Us Now?
  2. Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!! Tevez Get's My Vote.
  3. Re: New manager spending spree then quits What I Hate The Most Is When A Manager Takes Over A Top Club, Sells All Their Best Players And Replaces Them With Nobodys. And That Team Lays In Ruins Forever. (Most Of The Time)
  4. Re: Top 10 Players - List yours! .1 Ricardo Kaka .2 Cristiano Ronaldo .3 Lionel Messi .4 Ronaldinho .5 Zlatan Ibrahimovic .6 Steven Gerrard .7 Wayne Rooney .8 Iker Casillas .9 Sergio Ramos .10 Gattuso
  5. Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Safari
  6. Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Safari Click Frame, After Right Clicking All The Ads I Seen On SM For About 10 Minutes They Were All Gone. And Now My SM Seems To Load Pages Quicker Than Before.
  7. Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Safari
  8. Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Safari If You Wan't Your SM To Run Faster, Then I Recommend You Install The Adblock Plus Add-On For Mozilla Firefox. With This You Can Disable All Of The Advertisements On SM, Doing This Will Make SM Pages Load Alot Quicker. Download Adblock Plus Here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1865
  9. Re: Raise Your Voice and vote Against Long Term Injuries Let's Keep SM Realistic.
  10. Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Safari Better Start Looking For A New Hack, And This Time Not To Tell Anyone.
  11. Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Safari
  12. Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Safari Aslong As You Don't Delete Some Of The Elements In The Configuration Settings It Will Be Fine, If You Do Mess Up Then Just Re-Install Firefox.
  13. Re: Standard Setup what should it be? I Voted For A European Setup, Then Everybody Has A Chance With A Decent Team.
  14. Re: Rate My Team Thread What Did You Do With Ibrahimovic?
  15. WHiTzMaN!

    Google Chrome

    Re: Google Chrome Here's The Video:
  16. WHiTzMaN!

    Google Chrome

    Re: Google Chrome
  17. WHiTzMaN!

    Google Chrome

    Re: Google Chrome It's Been Confirmed That Google Chrome Is'nt Faster Than Mozilla Firefox, If You Wan't Your Firefox To Run Faster Then I Suggest You Tweak Your Configuration Settings. There Are Tutorial Videos On YouTube Explaining & Showing How To Do This.
  18. Re: Picture Film Game Is It Cashback?
  19. Re: Picture Film Game LOL No!
  20. Re: Picture Film Game Saving Private Ryan?
  21. Re: Whats your strangest quirk ? Sick Dude.
  22. Re: David De Gea - Atl Madrid's future °1 GK Nice Work, When Do You Think He Will Be Added To The DB? Rep From Me.
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