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  1. Re: player replacement with 89 million transfer funds with a decent/good squad.please Basically overall, your squad is very good. Your goal keeper is top quality and your back line is very strong (you seem to have a good mix of high rated players that can start almost every game and some younger players that will improve in the future). Your midfield is also good too adn you probably don't need to make any changes here (unless you want Muller). However your strike forced is lacking a top-class striker. I would try to sell or exchange PJANIĆ, Miralem for Suarez, Lewandowski and/or Costa. Your squad also has good depth and I don't see why you would have any problem challenging for the title if you actively change your team about next season. Hope I helped
  2. Re: Barcelona squad help The slandered Barcelona squad is, as you probably know, very good. You don't really need to make many improvements to the squad. However you could buy an extra striker like Aguero, Tevez or Diego Costa and you could replace some of your older midfielders with some younger talent. As for formations, I can't really reveal my tactics unless you want to join my gameworld: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=170904 If you need any more advice just send me a message
  3. Re: Squad opinion in very competitive gameworld Hey, Your squad seems quite good at first glance although you could make some improvements. GK: The first thing you should do is transfer list your goalkeeper, having a goalkeeper with a rating over 90 will greatly improve your squad defensively. Consider getting someone like Diego lopez-91-Ac Milan, or Salvatori Sirigu-91-PSG, or Gianuigi buffon-94-Juventus. All will cost around £10 million and are over 30 years old but a good goalkeeper will benefit your team hugely. CB/RB/LB: Next, depending on your formation there are different types of players you could consider getting for your back line. I normally play 3 at the back and so would recommend some younger defenders with lots of potential: I would recommend Ricardo Rodriguez-90-Wolfsburg age:22 value: about 14 million (LB), also Alberto Moreno-89-Liverpool age:22 value:9.5 million (LB) or Phil Jones-89-Manchester United age:22 value: 8.5 million (CB/RB) or Fabian Schar-88-FC Basel age:22 value: 8.7 million (CB). All of these defenders have a good potential and although they are quite expensive you should be able to afford at least 2 or 3 of them ( and you'll only need 3 if you play 3 at the back). Alternatively you could consider bringing in some older more experienced players at a cheaper price foe example Andrea Barzagali-91-Juventus age: 33 Value 8.8 million (CB) or Patrice Evra-91-Juventus age:33 value 5.5 million (LB) or Jeremy Matieu-90-Barcelona age:30 value: 4.5 million (CB) or Christian Maggio-90-Napoli age 32 value 5.4 million (RB). There are more players of similar rating ages and values just use the transfer search feature. I would sell everyone in your defense apart from Juan Bernat if you think he has potential and a place in your squad. However if you need the funds to build a new defense I would allow him to move on. I would try to mix some of the older players and younger players if you start running out of money too as this will balance potential, skill and price. CM/RM/LM: Your midfield looks good and you seem to have a lot of depth here especially with players of about 87 rating. However, i would sell everyone apart from Esteban Granero because he can play a a variety of positions, Gerrard Deulofeu because of his potential and Marko Arnautovic again because he can play a variety of positions. You could consider buying younger players such as Jack Rodwell-88-Manchester city age:23 value 5.3 million (CM) or someone a bit older like Gary Medel-89-Inter Milan because he can play a variety of positions including CM, CDM, CB and RB. With my formation I normally play an attacking midfielder and so I'd look at bringing in one or two ST/CF: Your strike force is probably the most important part of the team (if your playing an attacking formation and an attacking style of play like I do) I would try bringing in at least 2 90 rated strikers to make sure you are a good threat up front. If they are available I would try to bring in two back-ups as well, Joel Campbell-87-Arsenal age:22 value 4.8 million and Alvaro Morata-87-Juventus age:21 value 5 million. If you find yourself having to sell most of your strikers to get some funds I would keep Ji Dong-Won, he is young and has potential, (in real life he's played premier league I think). I don't know enough about your other strikers to advise you on whether it's worth selling them or not. Youth players: I don't know enough about your youth players so I can't really give you any advice about them. Also, i'm not gonna list all of the young players in the world because there ar too many and as you already said they've probably all been snapped up by the other clubs in your game world already However, i can advise you on one player who I think is not on the database yet. Joe Gomez is a 17 year old CB who plays for Charlton (the sickest team in the world) he was a key member of the England under 17's squad in the European championships and played every game. Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton and Newcastle are all interested in this guy so he has a bright future. I would keep looking to see if you can get this guy before everyone else in your league. Overall your squad is good, has some decent players and very good depth but you should probably try to reshape the squad to improve it overall and give yourself a better group of players to work with. I hope I helped and I hope it wasn't too long either. If you want any more advice on anything (transfer targets etc) then just message me
  4. Re: Daniele De Rossi Hey, I would say his rating is safe for now at least seeing as he's a good player and an international. I have both Pirlo (35) and Buffon (36) in my team and they haven't decreased in rating since I took over as manager about a year ago. However it depends what kind of price you can get for him as you might want to invest in some younger talent for the future or buy someone who you know to be a safer bet but still around the same rating. De Rossi still played well last season so I doubt his form will contribute to any rating decrease. Hope I helped
  5. Hey guys, I've been playing in this English game world for about 2 years now but I've only just started posting on the forum. We currently only have about 6 players so more people would be welcome to join. I'm managing Charlton, of course, but most of the other managers in the game world have taken the big clubs. However, there are still some big clubs available including Arsenal. Spurs and Everton. Anyone of any skill level is welcome and even if your new to the game I's be happy to help anyone who wants to learn the basics. Me and Wesley Thomas Douglas Allen are the only two people that have been in the game world since the beginning but some of the other people have also been here a while but they've taken control of numerous different clubs over time. Most of the clubs which are un-managed at the moment have more realistic squads so you can play like real-life or start from scratch. Also we don't really have any rules. I hope to see some people coming to our game-world soon. Have fun and good luck! (also you can message me if you want to find out more about the game world or if you would like help playing the game) Thanks!
  6. Joe Gomez is a very talented 17 year old Center back. He currently plays for Charlton Athletic although he has attracted interest from numerous clubs including Everton and Newcastle. He also is a key player in the England under 17's squad and was instrumental in helping them qualify for the European championship in Malta this year. Having already made 3 appearances for Charlton this season he was a key part of the England defense that only conceded 1 goal during qualifying (and only 3 goals throughout the whole tournament). He's just a BEAST! Date of birth: May 23, 1997 Place of birth: Catford England Age: 17 Nationality: English Position: Centre Back Contract until: 30.06.2015
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