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    Eccoci qua!

    Cominciato il delirio degli acquisti dalle esterne, qui ad Amsterdam cerchiamo di rimanere rilassati come sappiamo fare noi :ph34r:


    Politica cessioni: i giovani gioielli dei lancieri al momento sono incedibili, la maggior parte di loro non li ho mai allenati e li voglio usare almeno per un po'. ;)


    Buon divertimento a tutti!

  2. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

    I have a couple of Italian based players in my teams and don´t know them good.

    Keepers Bardi 86 and Padelli 85 ' date=' will they get rating increases ?

    Who of them is better ? I have to sell one.

    Bardi is younger and plays for Italy U21, so keep him.

    Rodrigo Ely is listed as an Avellino player now, has Milan an option to buy back?

    He was named big talent years ago, has that changed ? Should i sell ?

    Don't know

    Ibrahima Mbaye 84 , Inter loan Bologna , is he still a big talent ?

    I wouldn't say a BIG talent, but he's good. The problem is that Inter usually doesn't deal well with his youngsters...

    Balde Keita Lazio 85 increase ?

    Stable for now imo, but the guy is really good

    Camigliano 80 Udinese loan Cittadella increase ? Worth keeping long term ?

    Don't know

    Badelj 88 Fiorentina is he a good player ? He seems to play only every second game , will he drop to 87 ?


    Peluso 88 Sasuolo will he drop ?

    don't think so

    Mauricio 87 Lazio will he rise ? Has he 89 potential long term ?

    maybe, but he has not that potential imo

    In my Gameworld is an unmanaged Juve with more than 60 players,

    half of them are youngsters out on loan in real life.

    Can you tell me which of the 75 to 83 rated players are worth signing ?

    I don't remember who they have in that range, anyway I really like Mattiello

    Thanks for your help,


    A lot of questions! :D I wrote what I think..

  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    Hi experts! :)

    I have a couple of questions about deals involving Portuguese players.

    In a competitive world I've got a some offers for W. Carvalho: Jovetic or Walcott or Welbeck for him. I know William is a better prospect in the long term, but I also need a good striker. My team has only a 90 now, the goalkeeper.

    I bought Danilo Pereira thinking he could be the next Carvalho but it looks like I have to wait a lot till he rises to 89 and maybe he will never be as good as him..what do you think?

    I also have another DM89 27 years old possibly stable plus Joao Mario and Adrien Silva...

    I have another offer about Cedric: Vermaelen+A.Traore+money...this is more interesting I think, but it's not easy to find good RB. Now I just have Fagner (87) and Esgaio and I could buy some stable 88..

    I'm confused..what would you do considering it's a really competitive world? :confused:

  4. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

    Juve will see alot of rises.

    Bonnuci deserves +1 (defeders get so underrated) agree' date=' this is his best season[/color']

    Lichtsteiner could get +1 agree, he's not that great RB as many think, but he's generous and plays a lot, so it can be

    Pogba +1 yes

    Morata +2/+1 I expect a +2

    Ogbonna +1? not sure, he's not a first choice, but he's not bad, he needs to change club and will rise for sure

    I dont rate Marchisio but if there is a treble or even if they lose CL final probably a chance but id say stay. Marchisio deserves to be 93 (94 for me, but ok) and not from this year! That kind of players that you don't see too much but trainers love..why? He's intelligent, technical, good passes, scores and rarely loses a ball or makes mistakes. In the Juve midfield is a must..

    Pereyra +1 agree

    Struraro +2/+3 +3 wouldn't be a scandal, but I expect a +2

    Coman +3 no, stable, he has talent but he needs to play more, maybe will ne borrowed next season

    I think the success might be enough to let LLorente keep his 91 as well. hasnt scored alot but alot of minutes and the team success might hold him.

    This form a non Serie A watcher so take with a pinch of salt.

    In red what I think :)

  5. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions

    Whatever kind of future the guy will have' date=' it won't be at OT under LVG that's for sure, to be fair he's brilliant going forward but he's caught out far too often...

    Pity as I really liked him, He was a crowd farourite when he was bombing up the wing[/quote']

    Thank you

    So, am I wrong if I think he will drop to 90 now and keep this rating if he eventually leaves OT? Or he's stable?

    I hope for him to leave cause I liked him, he's young and has a lot to give.

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