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  1. I'm playing Soccer Manager 2017, I have LINUX, and I have credits that I paid with my credit card, 2018 I CAN NOT PLAY, because there is no way to play it in LINUX, it is very unserious not to support other operating systems, several games games and is the first time I could not play a game anymore, because they eliminated the way to play it from facebook as it was until now.
    I want the refund of my dollars paid if I can not play more!

    prueba 3.png

  2. Hi Alex, any chance anyone can help with the workload on Soccerwiki? nigh on 4000 edits to be approved and i find it seems to be only myself that can speed things along by approving edits. 

    The system gets very sluggish when transfer windows are open, and the continuous cycle of certain SW users trying to chance players from a B side to the main side, as well as position changes - IE Brazil was reviewed only recently yet people are wanting to change player positions already

    needs to be a SW mod board or a way to communicate with contributors. Is there any SW Dev to comment?



    1. -JMH-


      Ok, well logged in today and seems my admin privilege is revoked

      so how is SW to progress? its backlogged and i was more than useful in approving transfer, did over 1000 last week to help clear the backlog and ensure they actual player reviews process could be speeded up?

      what is going on? utterly useless at the moment going backwards

  3. Our team have been working hard over the last week to resolve the issues that you were likely experiencing at the start of the week. They have successfully fixed the vast majority of the problems and we hope that you are now experiencing the benefits of the server migration, such as faster navigation and loading times. We are aware of a small number of residual errors occurring less commonly and we are working to identify and fix these remaining issues. We appreciate your patience during this time!
  4. Firstly, we would like to apologise for the disruption to the services you may have experienced over the last week. On Tuesday - April 4th, we had planned downtime on the entire site to allow time to migrate the servers from static, physical servers to Cloud servers. This should have, and will soon, provide increased stability and performance for all users across all platforms. Since completing this many of you have experienced issues when attempting to connect to the site, such as receiving a 502 error page. Or having trouble completing specific actions within both our games (SM1
  5. Hi, do you know when player ratings will be updated for last couple of days?

    1. SM Dev (Alex)

      SM Dev (Alex)

      The site is currently experiencing a number of issues affecting users access to the games. Updates from soccerwiki will be looked at once some of these access problems have been resolved. 

  6. Hi Mike, Sorry to inform you of this. The 1 - 1 result as shown on the Inbox message, Schedule and Commentary match engine is the correct result and it is a known issue in the 2D match engine that this can occur from time to time. The 2D ME, while fairly stable is classed as in beta. There are a number of know issues on the match engine, this being one. Sorry
  7. When on the Club Selection screen you should find an option for 'My Game Worlds'. If you are the owner of a game world you will be able to "ADMIN" your gameworld by selecting the available option. If you are having further trouble with this I would recommend reporting bug report via the ingame help.Our support staff will have the necessary information available to them to resolve the issue quickly. Hope this helps!
  8. Please open your profile and view your feed. There is a message regarding the closure of the thread and responses to the queries you put there. I would appreciate it if you view this before continuing to post complaints regarding my actions. Thanks
  9. Hi, 

    Regarding the thread: "Manager Points and Rewards"

    As an informative help post for a single player feature we have removed the comments. The thread is now locked from comments and pinned. However we do not wish to leave you unanswered. 

    We apologise for the confusion on the feature, however the post was submitted in the Soccer Manager 2017 General Help. This is the Single Player Game and therefore assumed that this would inform users that this is a Single Player game feature.

    Regarding the cheating, we can see that you have commented about this multiple times. We have, fairly recently, implemented an improved Anti-Cheat process for transfers, but we do still rely on our users to report those that avoid being detected via the automated methods. Due to the large number of Game worlds and the time investigation into a report takes it is unfortunately a time consuming job. We are working to reduce this time while creating more accurate results.

    As long as you keep providing valid feedback and constructive criticism as and when the change logs for SM Worlds updates and communicate with Andy(SM Dev) and others we will get the game back to its best.

    Thanks for contributing to our community and game. 

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    2. smut


      Hi Alex,

      i forgot to mention that there are more accounts that need looking at, i havn't made it public knowledge because they might be innocent but certainly have reason to be looked at.

    3. SM Dev (Alex)

      SM Dev (Alex)

      I have found the list craig has posted in the moderator section. I will be raising this process of report and this list with our support staff. I will push for there investigation as soon as possible. 

      Regarding this other list you mention, what methods of in game report have you used to report these users?

    4. smut


      if you found the list from Craig then you have all the accounts, although they do change their names occasionally. my previous message was because i put a list on the forum without those names i think need looking at but i couldn't prove, you should have those now.

      I reported some transfer deals and mentioned that there was a bigger problem but most reports have been ignored, the same when i reported multiple accounts. Others tried but got fed up with nothing being done about the problem.

      in 7046, 4 or 5 accounts were banned and that was around 20 Aug. problem was that another dodgy account took over straight away and is still there.

      I can explain why i chose those accounts but the next step was to cross reference dates in all the gameworlds they have previously been in and i didn't want to spend that much time on the problem, whether it is one person or a few in it together , i don't know.

  10. Thanks for the support guys! This issue has now been resolved.
  11. Hi Everyone. If you don't mind, could you please post the Game World ID and the team that you have experienced this issue with? Or PM me if you don't wish to share this publicly. We will look directly at the affected games and hopefully speed up finding the cause. Thanks
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