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  1. Let's start the scouting! Brazil, Argentina aku datang!
  2. I guess SM should verify all new accounts. Newbies should join in a game world like mini championship, and let them play for a month or till they reach trustable reputation. The checklist for the newbies : 1 - Manage a club 2 - Set many different tactics 3 - Buy, sell and loan players 4 - Finish at least a season, all 38/34/30 games 5 - Consistent login like once in two days Verified account?
  3. Please make the owner of the custom game world really owns it. SM should do something like accounts cleaning up. Delete all inactive accounts that some of it used by the cheaters. If the accounts were inactive for about 6 months with lower reputation, maybe less than 100. In the multiple accounts report, cheaters usually have more than 2 accounts. So, enable us to report not just the two accounts, but any account associated with the cheaters. Introduce the daily or weekly entrance limit for a game world. For example, every week only one new manager is allowed to join, unless the game world is newly created. Stop creating much new game worlds as it appears to be lonely, less competitive and become the cheaters hideout.
  4. Lots of cheaters are free out there because soccermanager needs them to generate the ads views. More views bring more money to them. Reported cheaters many times, what they replied was 'not having enough evidence'. If we suggested this idea, I don't think they will give it freely though.
  5. Yo what's available for now? Seem interesting
  6. Tackling Normal / Hard Mentality Normal / Attacking Passing Mixed Attacking Mixed Tempo Slow / Normal / Fast Pressing All Over Capt : Ramos Pen : Aguero FK : Ibra Corn : Costa Play : Gotze Try this and post the results
  7. h4mizan

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    It's bug. Just relax it will be fixed soon.
  8. Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them? My first ever sm club is Manchester City in EC1012. I took over it since august 2013. I joined at the very end of season 2, able to finish 6th while Newcastle clinched 2nd title. Season 3, everything changed. In summary; Season 2 - 6th Season 3 - 3rd Season 4 - 2nd Season 5 - Champion Season 6 - 2nd Season 7 - Champion Season 8 - 2nd Season 9 - I quit, friend took over 5th Season 10 - 2nd Season 11 - friend quit, I came back 7th Season 12 - Champion Season 13 - Champion Season 14 - 3rd Season 15 - 2nd It's season 16 right now. What an amazing three years.
  9. Hi, Check this game world ( id : 267256 ) Season 2 just started recently and the transfer window is still open till next weekend. Many clubs are available with lots of money to spend. I setup few rules to make this game world fair for everyone (there are two for now). Please join this!! I'm begging you.
  10. Join this gw please id 267256

    1. Sir Rahul

      Sir Rahul

      No sorry mate am not looking to join any new GWs till the new UI comes out permanently and I have a feel of it.

    2. h4mizan


      so after new UI you can join smh?

  11. Hello guys. This game world is known as PASUM League. Clubs are mostly from Malaysia, Singapore and few delegates from Thailand, Philippines, Brunei and Indonesia. Many clubs are available. Why do we need to manage a club from Southeast Asia (ASEAN)? Aren't they bad at football? It is interesting? Well, that's why these clubs need you. You, yes you are the one who can change the fortune of ASEAN's clubs. Prove your managerial skills by guiding them through this challenging game world. Two divisions, 32 clubs to be chose. Two cups, (Cup and Shield), charity shield and the most prestigious cup, the SMFA Cup and the SMFA Shield. Can you grab'em all for the club? Hahaha only gold manager able to do that while the rest can pray for your luck in the SMFA. Not interested yet? Wait, let me introduce you to the ASEAN clubs. 1. MALAYSIA Despite the national team poor performance recently, the Malaysian clubs are performing better than previous decades. These clubs desperately need a new touch from a dedicated manager. The modern footballing for them lies on your hand. Your tactics, signings and scouting may guide them to the peak. There are 17 teams from Malaysia. Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, KL, Negri Sembilan, Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Sabah, Sarawak, ATM, PDRM, FELDA, Sime Darby 2. SINGAPORE Small nation with bigger passion on football. Singaporean football used to be part of Malaysian football in the past. They had participated in Malaysia Cup (Piala Malaysia) previously and became one of the most successful in that competition. Singapore had a fierce rivalry with Selangor of Malaysian, especially during the 90's before Singapore was excluded from Malaysian football. Now, they established themselves as one of the ASEAN's giants, being winning the AFF Suzuki Cup for 4 times. There are 9 teams from Singapore. Tampines Rovers, Geylang International, Gombak United, Home United, Balestier Khalsa, Tanjong Pagar United, Hougang United, Warriors, Woodlands Wellington 3. THAILAND Fierce, strong and brave. Thailand is the giant of ASEAN. The most successful in AFF Suzuki Cup by clinching the title for 4 times. Thailand recently qualified for the 2019 Asian Cup. Their league known as one the toughest league in ASEAN. Do you have what it takes to maintain their pride in ASEAN footballing? There are only two teams from Thailand. Choose wisely. Buriram United, Muangthong United 4. PHILIPPINES Football is not popular among Philippines, they prefer basketball. One quick fact, Philippines national football team is the earliest team established in ASEAN. Yet, they never made it to any major international competition. Two clubs from Philippines. Kaya FC, Global FC 5. INDONESIA The biggest and most populous nation in ASEAN. Only one manager needed because there is only single representative from Indonesia. Persipura Jayapura 6. BRUNEI Football in Brunei is slowly developing. They had joined Malaysian league in the past and currently part of Singaporean league. Take this only chance to manage a club from Brunei. DPMM FC What's unique in this game world? Let me tell yall Fair enough aren't that? I had tried my best to keep away any unhealthy competition. The rules will be revise in the future as if the number of managers in this game world increase and well-balance. Current club list (Season 2): Division 1 Kelantan - Dr. Po Kedah - Hamizan Nordin (admin) Terengganu - HD King Perlis Penang Perak Selangor Johor Pahang Sabah Sarawak ATM DPMM FELDA United Gombak United Buriram United Division 2 KL Negri Sembilan Geylang International Muangthong United Kaya FC Global FC Home United Tanjong Pagar United Hougang United Tampines Rovers Warriors FC Balestier Khalsa PDRM Sime Darby Woodlands Wellington Persipura Jayapura Hurry up guys, they need YOU!! So, don't just leave here without joining this gw. Id: 267256 Reply this with your desire club and request. Be quick as the transfer windows are going to close at 4th August 2016!!
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