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  1. So is anyone going to have a proper stab at doing the complete big 5 predictions for the coming 2019 Winter review as Rahul W is no longer active? I am talking, like the first pages of this post?
  2. Joaquín CORREA has to be getting a +1 to 90 this winter...bare minimum. Two goals today. Joint 6th highest top scorer in Seria A with 6 goals. Lazio flying in third.
  3. I know people must say this every review...but it has been shocking this year. Either that or Sir Rahul's predictions have been way out for the majority of players. I brought CORREA expecting a rise, 'nope'. I brought BAKAYOKO expecting a rise, 'nope'. I have DE VRIJ and he was predicted a rise, 'nope'. Very disappointing.
  4. I think he was deployed mostly at RMF and RW for Valencia in fairly advanced positions. He seems fairly keen on staying a Man U and making a name for himself there and he has even come out and said that he will play wherever Mourinho wants (wherever he can). To be honest, it looks unlikely that he will get much game time in advanced positions at United and if he players consistently anywhere at all, it will be in MC. Will probably come sooner rather than later. Cracking freekick yesterday.
  5. A good question...and it is why I asked also. He is worth more than GOTZE on transfermarkt and played a lot more than GOTZE last year. I personally cannot see GOTZE recovering his 92 again and I think that the only way for him is down now. I don't think he will regain the greatness he once had. Dortmund have declined massively in the last season, whilst Aletico seemed to have strengthened a lot and things look promising for the future...this will help PARTEY. PARTEY now seems like a permanent part of the first time and I think that this will remain for years to come. PARTEY is also a DMF and quality DMF seem to be more sought after compared to AMF. This should help his future rating. However you look at it, PARTEY is on the rise and GOTZE in decline. I did hesitate, with talks of a Spurs of Liverpool move for GOTZE...and that his new coach seems to be putting a lot more emphasis on GOTZE in the past few weeks, but I am going for PARTEY.
  6. If you could only sign 3, which 3 would you sign? M. GOTZE J. VESTERGAARD M. WOLF T. PARTEY D. SOLANKE D. NERES J. KLUIVERT
  7. Interesting and thank you for the reply. Would you take the trade? I reality, I am still considering selling VESTERGAARD and GOTZE... with my sights on NERES, KLUIVERT and PARTEY. None of them would make the first team, but GOTZE has been a good rotation CM for me. I just have no confidence that he will recover from his drops...and that he will likely fall further in the coming seasons, even if he goes to Spurs or Liverpool, or wherever. PARTEY is has better stats this season and is valued much more on transfermarkt.com. Seems like a solid starter for Athletico now and plenty of future potential (slightly better than GOTZE). There is just the small difference of the 1 rating. I am torn. I will have to have a think about it. A few weeks left until the end of my GW season.
  8. PARTEY +2 to 90! I have GOTZE. Do you think that it is worth trading GOTZE for PARTEY? I would be tempted if PARTEY is likely to match or exceed GOTZE's current 91 in the next couple of seasons. I can't see GOTZE recovering his drops.
  9. According to Whoscored.com, was in the EPL team of the season when he transferred to Barca, before going on to finish in La Liga's team of the season...despite only playing since Winter! Hard to argue against it.
  10. Wow. 88 for Unai NUNEZ. Very generous SM. Thank you.
  11. ETA for La Liga review kick off? What are we talking guys? Friday morning? Saturday morning?
  12. This was a failure too. 2-1 loss. The destruction of my league campaign is complete. 0 points from the last 6 games. Bottom in form. I was second, I am now seventh. My title hopes have been destroyed. So thanks a bunch. Are you deliberately giving bad advice? I have never lost so many games in a row. NEVER. You advice stinks and I won't be coming back to this thread.
  13. Not that excuses even need to be made but it was his first game of the tournament, rumours have circled around a Real Madrid transfer for the last month and most important of all, he hadn't had a touch of the ball for many minutes leading up to the goal. The commentators even remarked on it. There is still time Not going to rant about international performances impacting ratings again. Lets just say I hope that you are wrong.
  14. Is Andrea PEREIRA going to rise with Valencia's review??? According to SM, his loan is over, so he is a Manchester United player. So if he was going to rise it would have been in the EPL review/no rise???
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