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  1. Good question...I have CUISANCE so I would like to know people's thoughts.
  2. A player is always for sale...for the right price
  3. If this is the case, then I would expect to see a B. SILVA fall to 92. If SMS is 92 stay, then B. SILVA is certainly not a 93...even with City winning the title.
  4. Really? I have the gold setup. Can other people confirm this? European games count towards appearances for player concerns in gold.
  5. QUESTION: Do European (SMFA) matches count toward's a player's appearances (therefore contributing to reducing player concerns?)
  6. Any of these guys due a rise? (I certainly believe that they are): DALOT T. HERNANDEZ SANCHO S. MILINKOVIC SAVIC SOLOMON GOUIRI L. MARTINEZ (Ajax) WIJNDAL
  7. Unlike many CBs with the DM position, MARQUINHOS is actually played in DM quite a bit according to Whoscored. It would be pretty disappointing (and not very true to real life) if SM took it off of him. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/101949/Show/Marquinhos
  8. The is literally zero point in United keeping VAN DE BEEK. I really hope he leaves.
  9. Great to see NERES on the score sheet yesterday. In my opinion, he has been like Ajax's version of DEMBELE for a long time. I really hope this is the start of a vein of form. I know that the Winter review has only just finished, but I am already greedily looking forward to Rahul's predictions for the Summer review. Rahul, do you know roughly when you will be giving your initial predictions on the front page? There are a few players I am particularly interested in knowing tentative predictions for: PEDRI, NETO and DALOT. All have risen recently, but all are getting plenty of game time with top teams.
  10. 75 by the looks of it: https://sofifa.com/player/194957/phil-jones/ Sofifa can be a good source in guaging how good a player is going to be in SM/real life...or atleast the opinion of EA Sports. For example, as you can see below FATI is only rated 76 at the moment, but EA Sports judge his potential to be 90. https://sofifa.com/player/253004/anssumane-fati/210028/ 90 is a very high rating for a FIFA player and very few are above it. NEYMAR is 91: https://sofifa.com/player/190871/neymar-da-silva-santos-jr/210028/ EA are constantly updating player's potential based on form and age. Try searching a few well known young talents and worldclass players to get a feel for how the ratings work. I don't even play FIFA, but I find Sofifa very helpful in informing my SM transfers.
  11. Pep back to playing him out of position. Worst player on the field for City today (as per Whoscored). Normal service resumed. God bless you Kevin DE BRUYNE.
  12. Are we still saying this? Another man of the match performance and assist today. That's 3 man of the match performances, 3 assists and 2 goals in Serie A games in 2021 alone. I cannot see how SM can justify keeping him at 92 if this form continues. Move or no move.
  13. Sorry to bang on about this, but B. SILVA and KOVACIC have trolled me big time. EPL's form rankings for the season: B SILVA 29th place, KOVACIC 103rd place. ...so I sell both players. Then... EPL's form rankings for the last 6 games: B. SILVA 6th place, KOVACIC 7th place!!!!! ...I hate you football 😒😄 (Source: https://www.whoscored.com/Articles/uPw5RPBiukGGZ4Q7dQpXTw/Show/Resurgent-Chelsea-ace-debuts-in-latest-Premier-League-form-rankings)
  14. Wow. Loving the faith in PARTEY. Lets hope it pays off. I am still trying to put B. SILVA out of my mind. Grrrrrr 😡😄
  15. Completely off topic, but I am 32, 'The Who' weren't contemporary during my life time. Keith Moon died 10 years before I was even born. Rock isn't even my favourite genre of music...but even I know 'The Who' are the best. Weirdly enough I was thinking about it recently...and I rate them above the Beatles. Favourite tracks include 'Magic Bus', 'Naked Eye', 'I Can't Explain', 'I Can See for Miles', 'See Me, Feel Me' and of course 'Won't Get Fooled Again'...but there really are too many to choose from. i can only conclude that they really are the best band of all time. They are like a fine wine. I find myself enjoying them more and more the older I get. For these reasons, I commend this post.
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