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  1. He was great in the world cup and should be 90 at least.
  2. i think he should be a 95. Agreed that he has been player of the season so far but its only really been one season if it carries on next season he will be 96+ for sure.
  3. Can someone give me some advice on how much i should bid for silva. i think he will go up if he can continue his form for valencia but i am low on funds at the minute so i wondered if i should exchange figo as part of the deal because he is getting to the twilight of his career and his rating is likely to go down. thanks.
  4. Hoyte should be an 87. Wenger believes he is good enough which is why he sold Lauren to pompey.
  5. Given his injuries last season its amazing how he just blended into the team this season. He surely must go up to 90.
  6. yep this happened to me no idea what that was about!
  7. he is definitely the best player at the moment in the dutch league. on that basis he should be a 92.
  8. Mines been like this for a while now but it says its under going maintenance. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  9. Fair enough. The problem that i have is that if you do leave some cash it soon dwindles away if you have a high wage bill.
  10. I think that in a matter of emergency such as you are in debt or trying to buy a player before anyone else that there should be an option of some emergency cash 1 or 2 million that you could only take once during the season only to be used in desperate circumstances. What do you think?
  11. gerrard should stay at 97 but should be an M
  12. how is it possible to be 35m in debt??????????????
  13. this happened to me it doesnt look like it has been confirmed but it came up as my next game.
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