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  1. Re: Negative balance, minimum squad size Hi, what does it mean by 2-4-1 trade? And if your squad has minimum size and negative, other teams cant buy any player from your squad right? So may i know how should i solve this problem? I dont mind selling off my player but i dowan to have a negative balance in my financial..but at the moment im restricted bcos i have negative balance and minimum squad size..please help.. Thank you bery much..appreciate the help..
  2. Re: Negative balance, minimum squad size Hi, But if your squad has negative balance and minimum squad size, other team cant make any offer to your squad player right because your squad might drop to below 21. currently my squad has negative balance and minimum squad size. And I cant sell neither exchange player with other club. Appreciate if you guys can give me some advise. Thank you.
  3. Hey guys, I really need some help here. I have successfully bidded a player and apparently there's a few other club also bid the same player. And now all the offers are accepted. So it is now depends on the player to go which club. So I would like to know if we want the player to come to our club, we need to raise the bid or its up to the player which club he wanna go? So basically it depends on or luck or chemistry the player with the club? Hope to know from you guys soon. Thanks
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