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  1. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Thank you guys. I will miss the setup' date=' but not enough to make me want to come back (at least not for a few years). All the best to everyone, especially the old faces that are still on here. And I thought you had left the game quite a while ago J.C? I had stopped scouting in this setup for about 2 years, but thanks for the compliment mate. Good luck to whomever gets my old team. It is a team that can go very far for the next few years.[/quote']

    I have left the game a long time ago Dermo, but I still read the threads sometimes!

    (Certainly when I was in the setup you had invariably and annoyingly bought most good risers months before they were well known, and this was at the time when 106 was the most competitive EC ever)

  2. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues)

    BEKTASI, Deni Mid 19 70 NK Karlovac £10k

    Might be worth adding to Croatia (rating changes this week) who has featured since march in 10 games starting in the last 4 out of 5 matches for 515 minutes.

    Also obviously if you can might be worth stretching just above 74 to buy Kovacic (75 costs about 400k) who is obviously in for a big rise (and a big talent.)

  3. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Welcome mate. Great team youve got there. pity to see JC leave

    ah so my 30 days has finally expired. huge amount of time put into that team so I hope they're used well!

    Im still here kopstar, reading the threads pretty often but not manging teams or posting very often . .

    EDIT: sorry for letting them be relegated (first I knew of it) . .also badaboom dont sell of the 90s easily they used to be like goldust in this setup. Lot of vultures about ;)

  4. Re: JC'S DETAILED GUIDE To Success In Soccermanager

    Honestly posting specific team line ups on this thread and asking for advice is a big waste of time. ;)

    I argued earlier that most formations are probably equal, their effectiveness depends on the opponent.

    You can perhaps try the suggested tactics for strong teams in the initial post but these are very vague (and may now be out of date). Any very specific suggestions I would be suspect of. (Ask them why they think these formations are strong and they will give some anecdotal evidence or some suggestions based on real life football strategy (not really relevant here))

    The strength of a given tactic is much more affected by the league you are in and the other teams tactics. Unless you are able to list your upcoming opponents likely strategy and squad no one should be able to give a complete answer! ;)


  5. Re: JC'S DETAILED GUIDE To Success In Soccermanager

    Hey' date=' JC, I need help here -> I want to know why 3-5-2 is popular when big teams like real madrid & barcelona play 4-2-3-1 & 4-3-3 winger respectively in real life,, knowing the fact that soccermanager is largely based on real life??

    Real life formation of Real Madrid -




    A.Di Maria----------Kaka/Ozil----------Ronaldo


    Real life formation of Barcelona -






    Please reply!![/quote']

    Couple of points:

    Firstly just because real madrid and barca play these formations it doesn't mean these formations are necessarily the best, the quality of the players may well mean it doesn't matter what formation they play.

    More importantly however SM is based on real life, but is based on real life rather badly. They're level of realism is not even close and for that reason it happened 3-5-2 was effective in the previously described circumstances given their match model at the time. I havent done much testing recently so if they have made any changes it may not hold anymore.

    Thanks JC

  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Ahhh Elliot' date=' big lose for EC106!

    JC (John), Elliot and myself had a great rivalry in the old DIV 4 when I was with Colchester. Great times Elliot!


    Aye good times back in the day, when there was a waiting list to get in, all 3 of us got promoted in the end if I remember.

    Also despite not doing anything all season (should have at least tried to sell Quag . . ) Shorpe have all but secured there division 1 status after their first season. Crewe need a win and me to lose and a 15 goal swing!

    Also what is this Soccerwiki thing?

  7. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge


    Bologna 0 - 1 Cagliari

    Half Time

    (0 - 1)

    D.PIZARRO 21

    Daniel Ratcliffe (racky) was unable to prevent a Bologna defeat to Cagliari.

    Bologna slumped to a 1 - 0 defeat against Cagliari in their Division 1 fixture.

    yep pointless game . . .

    although i didnt rest players but not really necessary at this stage of the season without cups.

  8. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge

    Take on the bottom club the worst of the worst tonight in cagliari tonight

    Since im such a cocky and confident person with the palermo game which is going to be really tough ive rested a lot of players tonight that are not 100%

    Marcelo ' date='maicon , pique , pjanic , fletcher , marchiso are all rested tonight

    Etoo returns 100% fresh after his rest to start along side the awesome milito who I cannot afford to rest :P

    Hopefully my confidence dosent fall back on my face :D[/quote']


    they were bottom club because they were under the old manager with tired players . . . (ok the squad still aint great),

    such little respect for 106!

  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Cheers Dave.......Massive rebuilding job at Villa by the looks of it

    That side is on the older side of footballing life

    Massive amount of cash in the bank......Feel a bit like some Oil Billionaire........Now where have I heard that before

    BTW Nice to be back :D

    Open to any deal at the moment

    Welcome Neil!! Great to see you back :).

  10. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge

    Haha' date=' your gutted really Dom.

    Hes a good player so had to pay a bit over the odds, although I was only competeing with Dom for his signature lol .. Want him on loan Jon?[/quote']

    yeah defo, if you have the depth to not need him. Got quite a few players NMF at the mo . . .

  11. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge

    Ch-ristian ERIKSEN has completed his move to Palermo from Ajax for £864' date='000 plus Jonny EVANS and Eran ZAHAVI . All other offers were turned down.

    10.5 million still not enough B)

    Bugger! B)Well done zak

    my bid was worth 11.6mill or something but after I saw the bids you guys put in I wasnt very hopeful, I think that bid above had CV value of about 13mill at least which is pretty extortionate in my view Zak! Still probably worth it I guess as he will immediately rise to 89 and hes gone to a 106er!

  12. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge

    That's an old sig that one. After all I've been the one true messiah of EC106 for about a year or so now. The fact that I was kind enough to step aside and let somebody else represent 106 (after I represented them in 4 regions) doesn't stop me from being god-like within the set-up. Although if I'd taken Stuart up on his original offer to be 106 captain at the point of creation' date=' then the good lady 106 wouldn't be such the embarrassment it is in this competition.

    And to claim 7345 copied 106 shows how little attention you payed to the set-up in your incredibly short spell there.[/quote']

    Clear lack of commitment to 106 in my view ;)

    I'm not so bad :) Uni feels a lot less stressful this year which may yet turn out to be a bad thing :P

    Nikidinho was that last manager. Think he lost interest and timed the team out. It's good to see you lot get some positive points on the board; bodes well for next season's competition.

    Yep, know what you mean, need the stress so you actually get some work done . . .

    Unfortunate about Nikidinho, also in other news small raid on germany:


    13 Nov 2011 23:46 SOBIECH, Lasse CB 20 77 Borussia Dortmund £700k £0k S.BURRAI


    13 Nov 2011 23:50 JANTSCHKE, Tony DM/RB 21 82 Sevilla £2.5M £104k M.SAU


    13 Nov 2011 23:53 KAISER, Dominik DM 23 75 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim £250k £250k None


    13 Nov 2011 23:54 THOELKE, Bjarne CB/RB 19 75 VfL Wolfsburg £340k £340k None


    13 Nov 2011 23:59 PLATTENHARDT, Marvin LB 19 79 Arsenal £1.7M £264k F.ALEX


    14 Nov 2011 00:01 ESSWEIN, Alexander CF 21 80 Free Agent £1.6M £1.2M None


    14 Nov 2011 00:02 LAM, Zhi Gin AM/Wing 20 75 Free Agent £340k £255k None


    14 Nov 2011 00:07 TRAPP, Kevin Gk 21 82 1. FC Kaiserslautern £2.7M £0k S.LANER


    14 Nov 2011 00:10 WOLLSCHEID, Philipp CB 22 85 Manchester United £4.7M £171k M.SIVAKOV

  13. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    f sake, just noticed I lost Motta! Im sure the concerns have got more sharp, I was only away for half a season? I imagine it was for his wages as he was my second signing in 106 back when he was 86 . . .

    27 mill interest anyone for a 90 any position under 28 years? can also include anyone from reserves highlights including kraft 85, delac 83, brighi 89, ahmedov 84, Burlak 83 etc

  14. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge

    Also Sean I fail to see how you can be 106's messiah or whatever you claim to be at the moment while being part of team 7345?

    Especially when we all know 7345 is just another of those poor english championship setups (all copying 106) that start up every few months nowadays . .

  15. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge

    Agreed' date=' especially since they had an all Italian tie to limit point scoring (though I guess that had its benefits with resting NMF players as J_C obviously did).

    @J_C, do you prefer Jonathan, Jon, something completely different? J_C sounds so formal :P[/quote']

    Hey Stuart not spoken for a while, hows it goin?

    Yeah well the idiot Izod calls us Jon, but most people IRL call us Jonny, but Jonathan and Jon are absolutely fine. (also the only reason it is J_C is because you have to have a minimum of 3 characters . . otherwise it would be JC)

    got some players on 1% inevitably after the last manager (who was he by the way? sm name was Le Rauxe ) and continuing to make transfers squad value 150mill at the mo which is not great. Bit late this season for a 106 recovery in my view, but next season certainly

  16. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge

    Hi guys im playing Lecce this evening so I was just wondering (maybe naively!) how the points work when you play your own team? Is it like how the intercourse worked ie 0 points given? Does the match matter? Can I just rest my squad (which are pretty tired already . . .)

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