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  1. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Anybody got some high quality playoff loans available? needs to be 90ish to make the team!
  2. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread sigh rubbish!!!!!! blew it in the last game. second going into this evening and a draw it turns out would have done with my goal differnece being class, and against what looked a very reasonable game against millwall but with quag and mata missing we lose 3-1. was avoiding posting about my promotion chances to not jynx it but clearly that hasnt worked and we are now in the flippin playoffs! and that didnt go well last season but one losing to scabby chewett in the final!! paid for lack of attention midseason. so frustrating at times. will try not to go awol this time after another close call!
  3. Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon Ok time for a much needed update (especially after telling toonfan I would do it last week!), on holiday next week as well. First thing I wanted to post was the average performances list for division 5! Due to the fact my team keeps changing as I sell people, and also an average scoreline of 5-1 this has happened: Transfers So transfers since the last post are below, and they have all now been reviewed. Having a bit of a break on the transfer front as brazil seems to be short of risers (or theyve already been bought), they're having a break on reviewing at the moment and also im getting down to about 2-3mill capital left which will be needed for the big leagues in sept! Risers Paraguay was actually really generously reviewed so missed out on a couple there who would have been good. However since the last post: Paraguay RAMIREZ, Robin 77 +5 ORUE, Angel 75 +6 NUNEZ, Juan 75 +3 GAMARRA, Juan 75 +3 CORONEL, Fredy 72 +4 ROLON, Edgar 73 +3 Argentina IZQUIERDOZ, Carlos 75 +5 CANTEROS, Héctor 75 +5 Colombia MEDINA, John 76 +4 TORIJANO, Fainer 75 +5 NOVOA, Diego 78 +2 disappointing for a first choice keeper who was also young and his team were doing well. However I did need a good keeper so still useful. CANO, Jhony 75 +3 LEMUS, Nelson 75 +3 AGUIRRE, Jorge 74 +3 Uruguay further risers from last time PALACIOS, Cristian 72 +8 GALAIN, Martín 76 +2 (woops! not great at all) SOUZA, Jhonatan 72 +6 COCCARO, Danilo 72 +5 FRANCO, Cristian Antonio 72 +4 FRANCHI, Juan 72 +3 SCARONE, Flavio 72 +3 LONG, Bernardo 70 +5 HERNANDEZ, Sebastián 70 +5 APRILE, Gustavo 72 +3 RODRIGUEZ, Fernando 73 +2 Pretty impressive! Also I have sent home one of my loanees who wasnt really featuring, but now i've noticed were back to having extra games on a monday so he would have actually been helpful however my squad depth is plenty at the moment! So the squad now looks like this, very decent value there!: League results Not lost for ages now and the league going to games on a monday is going to help as other teams will tire. However on holiday for a month so this maybe a major major issue on keeping up! Also in other news cambridge have finally slipped up (nice manager there) so gap has closed a bit and my goal difference is ridiculous. 9 games to go with 46 in a season in div5.
  4. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Well done Mrmalcolm! However Quagliarella 21, Cassano 20? Also well done Dermo, biggamemo and also a long deserved promotion for Daz, one of the true managers loyal to the setup been here for much longer than me deserving of much credit following his commitment to brentford despite the temptations of higher divisions!
  5. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Yeah im not sure either? does he manage in this setup?
  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Shorpe have accepted a "player offered" of 10mill for Roman Eremenko from Watford. Tried to sign him at the start of the season but had no luck and he was one of my first signings in this setup and played amazing in that first season so have been wanting to bring him back! Had some cash splashing about as well and he's young enough at a reasonable price. Hope the cash does well for you Dan.
  7. Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon Hello! Not long since the last update but things are moving very quickly so Id best post about it! Rises: WOLLSCHEID, Philipp 80 +5 CHANDLER, Timothy 78 +5 Both the Nurnberg players got +5 which was lovely predicted about +4 in my last post. Wollschied worth 7 mill now. CANETE, Marcelo 75 +7 JEREZ, Patricio 75 +5 OPAZO, Óscar 75 +5 CORRO, Alexander 73 +2 Did very well from the chilean league with those top 3 being the 3 biggest risers (there was a couple other +5s) and Corro was very cheap. COBELLI, Juan 70 +10 This was unexpected, loaned to chile only recently from argentina didnt really think he had the minutes in argentina to deserve such a big rise but have now immediately sold him off for 4mill. VIERA, Gonzalo 73 +4 First Uruguayan riser, more tomorrow! JENKINSON, Carl 70 +7 Moved to arsenal just in time as at charlton he wouldnt have been reviewed, however I ahve now got a dilemma whether to keep him as his tb is off and he wont be reviewed again till novemeber and even then is unlikely to have many minutes but he's such a talent it might be a huge mistake to let him go, have been sticking to the policy of selling people immediately regardless of talent as I really need the capital so any suggestions on what to do would be welcomed! Currently Iv transfer listed him for 5mill . . . Transfers: Ok since the last time Iv brough in Martin Galain from uruguay, had some competition from chesterfield for him but got him pretty cheap anyways. Not the greatest riser but I had some cash free and at that time argentina/paraguay weren't on schedule. However para/argentina have another load of juicy risers of which Im bidding on currently with a few of them gone already but I was waiting till it was definitely being reviewed. got more competition on these players as well, but I am bidding a reasonable amount over CV. Games: Only a couple since, won all of them except darlington who I lost too . . 9 point gap to top of the table cambridge (who PM'ed me today about the league and me stealing his targets again, nice guy), so only expecting playoffs really. Squad: Current value (ignoring loans) is 38.6mill plus 4.9mill cash!!!! So total of 43.5mill an increase of over 2,000% from the start of the season. Even compared with just the last post squad value was only 20 odd mill . . . Might slow down a bit as Im spending quite a lot at the moment on these upcoming leagues but will still have plenty to play with as more players come of transfer ban over the next month.
  8. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread You are not a genius you're a lucky muppet!!! 1) If you were a genius you would never have been 2-1 down. 2) You made some subs . . . . most original tactical move ever. 3) Your genius somehow hasn't reflected in your league position 4) Late goals just happen sometimes . . . scunny won or tied every match statistic. Anyways well played Zak, it also means scunnys great run comes to an end with past few games being: 5-0 5-1 3-2 5-2 7-0 which has helped the best strike partnership in the division "quagssano" to sit 1st and 3rd in the goalscoring charts. Quagliarella (17) Cassano (15). Also Iv finished exams so the dip in form the other month can hopefully not happen again in the last 10 games! Sitting 2nd currently. Look forward to it guys.
  10. Re: Respuesta: Chile - Division 1 Risers Yep very happy with that! (but he really doesn't have the minutes to deserve it)
  11. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Erm is anyone else finding in the 3-5-2 formation that if: -you play a defensive midfielder in the defensive midfielder position its flagged as slightly out of position after confirming. -you play a CB on the left or right of defence its flagged -you can play a CB in DM position and it not be flagged! Whats going on?! Or is it just my teams?!!
  12. Re: Respuesta: Chile - Division 1 Risers
  13. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Gypsy
  14. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
  15. Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon Hello! Transfers Ok so the big news is transfer bans came of this week! I had been in a 100k of debt and hadnt really been able to buy players for several weeks, but immediately sold off my two top strikers (Milkovic 78 and Tischler 78) and a few others, waiting for transfer bids for the rest to come in. However may not accept them as there CVs are continually decreasing as I bring in more players and so may have to player exchange mostly. CV is very helpful considering was able to bring in players who immediately double in value just because they were at a big club previously. Uruguay on the schedule as well is great timing as it is an absolute goldmine. Brought in so many good 10kers from there. Considering bringing a few more including nicolini (75) but im trying not to spend all my money now in case argentina or someone comes on next and there is better risers there than nicolini (75-79/80). Couple of teams bought players already like piriz in uruguay. The transfers of real interest are: Jay Spearing: 80 was brought in from fiorentina as the liverpool manager foolishly exchanged him in the first weeks, got him for 1mill! excellent CV and he rose to 83 today and is now worth a whopping 6.5mill Jack Robinson: 75 only got a rise to 77 so probably shouldn't have bought him but couldn't resist a talent like that. Still doubled in value. Phillip Wolscheid: 80 Sticking with my policy of only buying players on the ratings schedule (to avoid waiting for years for a rerating) I hadnt got any income before spain/italy and really struggled to find good pure risers in england/germany. Wollscheid however has great minutes since last review. Hopeful for 85. Timothy Chandler: 78 Soon to join us and again great minutes for FC Nurnberg only since the last review. 82/83 hopefully. Also brought in Canete who is in for a good rise hopefully and some other chileans over the next day. A summary is here: No other risers to really report so squad value was at about 15 previously but jsut with making money on CV and the liverpool players rises squad value is now 20.7mill + 1.4mill cash = 22.1mill a rise of 10 times value from 2.1mill in one set of transfer bans! (20 turns) Very pleased with that. Inevitably my squad is getting quite large . . . . . The current squad is below: As for the league I have been storming that recently with some ridiculous performances winning by 7 goals often and my goal difference is stupid however remain in 4th thanks to no on else slipping up either. Play darlington next though and that should mean I can catch some points there. regret letting the team slip for a few weeks where I went out of the cups and didnt win for 4 games in the league as it has meant Im behind still.
  16. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
  17. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Hello people! On a side note shorpe win however off topic but in another gameworld: 3 red cards for the other team and I still couldn't score . . . .
  18. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
  19. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread f sake! No rise for abate. Thought it was a nailed on rise. Played every game for milan only rated 89? Silva gets +1 to 93 when they have a the similar minutes each over the past few seasons. Ok abate not as spectacular but in goal.coms serie a team of the year, is certainly decent and improved over last year as well as ac milan winning scudetto. Getting some NT appearances recently as well so I think that satisfies every criteria they look at!
  20. Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon Update! So yeah I know what your thinking its another of those threads that is going to die shortly but yet here is another post! Cups Ok so Iv gone out of both cups now, against some much superior opposition but it was nice to get the extra revenue for a few rounds. League Unfortunately thanks partly due to me forgetting to change team from cup and playing 3 managed sides I have suffered a couple of draws and a couple of losses. This has meant Iv dropped of the pace a tad, as the top teams are winning every game, got back on track with a couple of comfortable victories recently. Promotion is going to be tricky with only one automatic spot (very harsh), but there is a big pro of staying in division 5 next season as my team will destroy most of the teams by then which would be fun! Will also mean I'll be much more prepared for division 4 and above. We'll see anyways! Squad So Iv only got 100k left, which isnt great and keep buying players who I shouldn't really as they're not rising, recent ones include RIJSDIJK, Jeffrey, ELLIOTT, Tom and MOISES, Costa. Sm is leaving them at ratings below 75. However generally it is going very well as other gambles are paying off and from my original 2.1mill, squad value is now 13.4mill and transfer bans come off in early june. Also just sold of all the original squad now, dave livermore going tonight. Squad as it stands
  21. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Echoing BiggameMos plea, got 15mill and Kraft available for a deal 90+ CM/DM age<28. Give us a shout if that appeals. cheers
  22. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Also the Lorik Cana transfer saga continues, now up to 3 pages of conversation between myself and toonfan concerning the matter and a month later after the initial approach. Latest problem is inevitably the SMFA who have blocked first kraft going for CV and now are blocking kraft + cash = Cana.
  23. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread No worries Dave, good work as always! (Think yeovil and birmingham are wrong as well, probs best just going through the gameworld list)
  24. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Dave all the teams who got promoted/relegated are wrong. So leyton orient, crewe, sheff wed etc need promoting. Also I believe millwall manager is kitey now.
  25. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Shorpe fire sale! Update Just reposting as Sauthier has been added, a few sold and as there has been surprisingly low interest so far considering very decent risers available for a low CV. Arsenal have got in there and got a couple. Agreed deal with Notts County so need to raise some cash! So here is an opportunity for some bargains and for those who complain there are never players available for cash. A lot of my team has really really low CV so many of the players represent immediate profit and most are nice risers to get hold of in this setup! Please take a minute to look as there are some real bargains in there!! Especially Tkachev, Mwanga, Navratil, Prijovic, Fernandez and Cisse . Plus Iv saved you a lot scouting time. Offer a decent amount over CV or I will accept external to spite you! Predicted rises are in red. GUATELLI, Andrea Gk 28 83 £1.8M SOLD, external Had broken through for Zurich as first choice and was looking at a nice rise but got dropped recently. +0 FERNANDEZ, José Luis LM/Wing 23 82 £2.0M SOLD, Arsenal Signed by benfica this season but not played yet. Was signed on the back of strong performances for racing in argentina and has an international cap! May rise depending on which thread you read (based on his racing stats) but certainly a talent! +2/+0 JUELSGARD, Jesper LB/LM 22 82 £2.1M Broke through at start of season for FC Midtjylland in denmark and played every minute! Will rise nicely again at end of season. +3 GERMANY, Gaël LB 28 81 £1.1M SOLD, External Dropped recently by AC Arles-Avignon, so another rise is unlikely now +0 MKRTCHYAN, Karlen CM 22 80 £1.2M Signed in april (their start of season) by ukraine side Metalurg Donestk whos first lineup is 85, is a starter so far in the new season only 5 games old in ukraine so looks likely to get a good rise by the end. Regular for Armenia as well which helps. +3 NAVRATIL, Jan CM 21 80 £1.2M 21 year old broke through for Sigma Olmonoc in Czech Republic at start of season. Played every minute! Nice rise again for him. +4 PURCHER, Dominic LB 22 80 £1.2M Has become a starter in recent months for Sturm in Denmark, who have a decent lineup of 85s, in for a small rise certainly more if he continues as he has been. +2 CISSE, Fousseyni CF 21 80 £1.1M Played every minute for Le Mans, another young talent from them. Has played for france U20 several times. However Le mans are in div2, do still have some high rated players up to 87 and cisse certainly has potential only 21. +4 TKACHEV, Sergey LM/CM 21 80 £1.2M Similar to mkhrytan signed in april and has featured in all games for metallist (some as subs) in the new season, assisting a few. However Metalist are a big team in ukraine not far behind Dynamo kiev and shaktar with some 89s in their lineup so potential for a huge rise. +4 ADU, Enoch DM/CM 20 80 £1.7M Another dane who has featured every minute for Norselljand this season, 83 is their average starter. Only 20 again. +2 HAAS, Maximilian CB/DM 25 78 £600k SOLD, External Former bayern munich player who has signed for middlesborough in janurary, hasnt played yet really. +0 PALLOIS, Nicolas LB 23 78 £670k Sub for Valciennes in Ligue 1. However has potential as his rating is very low for their team (87ish generally) but unlikely to rise this time round due to only having about 16 appearances. +0 MWANGA, Danny CF 19 78 £900k SOLD Arsenal Was picked as the first in the draft system! Got better and better but has been substituted a few times recently, team is 83 rated generally. Very decent talent who I had to outbid Elliot to get and Iv bought him in much less competitive setups as quick as flash, Sean getting him ahead of me in the intercourse if I remember correctly. +3 PRIJOVIC, Aleksandar CF 21 77 £520k Broke through in february for Sion in switzerland just after their rating changes as well, scoring and assisting quite a lot. Only rated 77 and looks to be in for a big big rise as first team are rated 84. +4 NEW SAUTHIER, Anthony DM/Def 20 78 £980k New starter for FC Sion in Switzerland this season. Got a surprisingly low rise in the winter and so is in for a great rise in the summer. Lots and lots of minutes. Also has played lots at all levels up to U20 for switzerland so is one to keep an eye on. +4
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