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  1. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
  2. Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon Quadrupled Value Squad has now doubled in value again which is nice, if only it would continue at this rate! Had a number of nice risers and a few failures. Summary Patrik TISCHLER +8 78, Well known had to bid 50k to win him. Imre CSERMELYI +3 75 This guy and Ngalle were both free in 106 and 7357 playing for low clubs but quite happy with there rises. Joseph NGALLE +6 75 Péter MOLNAR +7 77 Was gone in 106 but very nice rise, quite unkown considering his rise was similar to tischler. Martin DECHEV +2 74 No Rise: Delcho Stoilov 73, not happy here he played 9 games and they havent updated his club correctly so i think they just missed him. Emil Miljkoivc 72, missed again! had around 17 appearances for 2nd placed team in hungarian league! Predicted to be 77 in some threads. Paskov 72, discussed above now in 2nd league. Tulipan and bohner, gambles and didnt rise, hardly any appearances and they didnt get moved to 75 so will be more careful with buying these guys with very low minutes. Also I missed out on oxlaide Chamberlain who got bought by cambridge united manager who sent me a nice message as we have similar targets (I got Jenkinson ahead of him), looks a good manager. Current squad is pasted below, 9.15mill combined value after loans taken out: League Also thought I would give an update on league progress, lost one game so far against managed Crawley who had a nicer squad and he played some kind of 4-3-3 wingers. it was the second game so attempting to counter him was not on the cards. it may be tricky to get promoted as there is a good number of managed teams (10-12ish) in div5 and my squad is so poor with only one automatic promotion spot, so next season may be the target.
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    Re: Retiring? I think there might be something going on actually. Iv had 3 latvian players retiring on me this week also and there ages are 23,26 and 33 respectively. They have not played recently according to transfermarkt but they definitely have clubs but clubs that are not on the database (german regional division and latvian 2nd I think!) and they have chosen to just retire them instead of making them free agents. Presumably they checked the latvian league to update it a bit. Slightly annoying as I cant even release them. EDIT: Seems there is something going on. Just had a search and there is a number of threads like this in the past few days with loads and all kinds of low rated players in generally obscurer leagues retiring. They are attempting to streamline the database but wrongly as many of these players are still at clubs.
  4. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread 1-1 draw against aston villa. Was battered as well so guess we'll take it . . .
  5. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Its why I posted it! very very proud of the lineup nowadays that I've built.
  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Reddevil Fc (195) ____________________Jonathan Crawford (296) Blackburn Rovers_________ 1 - 2_______ Shorpe United R.VAN DER VAART 73 ________________ A.CASSANO 72 ___________________________________L.LISANDRO 75 Classic late switch at 60mins sealed all three points against a very strong blackburn rovers with Cesar keeping everything out till then. Shorpe scorers so far this season are: Cassano 4 Quagliarella 3 Lisandro 3 Mata 2 Motta 2 Misimovic 1
  7. Re: Division 5 Challenge - Histon A quick update as Histon have now doubled in value! I'v had three risers plus the fact that when players come in they generally have higher CV by up to 1.5 times at Histon due to the lack of high rated players means now that currently have a balance of 820k + squad value of 4.3mill (excluding my 3 loan players). So 5.1mill. Also I have learnt that buying Blagoy Paskov was a mistake (he was always a gamble having only got 4 sub appearances) and I was relying on them rerating 70s to 75 however apparently he has moved to a b division side and transfermarkt was not updated. Also I have decided to let myself buy anyone under 65 who will rise even if there league is miles off as there wages are a mere £300 a turn which works out at about 30k a year! Not an issue. Had one player who didn't rise in cyprus, Pris who had one appearance and apparently they dont just rise them to 75 always. Anyways the 3 who did are below. I'm currently waiting to see who they will put on the schedule next, so I can scout there.
  8. Re: Bulgarian A Liga Predictions
  9. Re: Bulgarian A Liga Predictions
  10. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Mostly because there is such depth throughout the divisions nowadays. In most setups the div1 teams put out teams with ratings of 94 and everyone else about 87 perhaps, but in 106 its just everyone has about an 88-91 first lineup even in div4 sometimes which isn't very different if you think about it and the lower division sides still have great depth often.
  11. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread OMG! 2-5 away win against West Brom and I put out a lineup with average 83 and i had a man sent of in the first half! Sadaev (78) with two and Martens (87) on loan getting MOM. Very nice, did expect a decent chance against your setup although you did change it slightly to a 4-2-3-1 with similar instructions. Thanks for the game Stuart
  12. -PLEASE DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD -LEAVE FEEDBACK AS A VM OR VIA REP -PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JOIN THIS GAMEWORLD Introduction Alright guys I'v just started my first div4/div5 challenge and can't resist talking about it so I will be posting about it on here. As the big letters say at the top please do not post on this thread and Im not looking to make it an active gameworld (although currently it is very active with 50% taken) as I am just looking to do this challenge by myself. Histon are Hardest This is the reason I have taken on Histon, with them having the smallest combined value and the 2nd smallest stadium of anyone. They start with a balance of 1.7mill (joint bottom) and have a squad value of just 410k leaving 2.1mill to work with. To put this into context this will buy you about one 80 rated player. There stadium is 3,800 which is only beaten by Fleetwood however Fleetwoods squad value was higher so I chose Histon. It will prove considerably more diffcult as several div5 clubs like Darlington have values in the range of 15mill which is over 7 times more value. Squad An overview is put below Early News The chairman expectation was "This season your chairman expects you to avoid finishing bottom of the league." I have already completed quite a few transfers in the first few weeks and these are summarised below. As many of you know I'm somewhat of a 10k specialist and this part of the early appeal of Histon as I almost forced to spend only on these players, maybe 1 luxury player but I suspect I won't bother as there is so many to sign potentially. I mostly scouted out Hungary myself and and Cyprus (thanks to Toons thread). Also the free agents were not signed by me, they were signed automatically to ensure the club had 21 players before I took over. As you can probably tell I've had one riser so far in Maxim Larroque who got +3. There was also some competition for a few, for whom I automatically bid CV max (50k) but still lost out on Galeano thanks to a div2 team being able to 51k for some reason! I am also being very careful not to buy players from leagues not on the schedule as recently some leagues can be forgotten about forever and there is areal danger with 10kers to hold on to them when there £1500 wages quickly eat into profit, but still I need to replace the current squad certainly as they are not going anywhere in rating. I have bought a few slovaks and a couple of guys from belgian league and dutch league but with the reasonable confidence they will be reviewed shortly.
  13. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Shorpe 4-4 Fulham Top of the table results in a ridiculous game which I was sure I'd won on 3 occasions. Santon being sent off early for shorpe might have encouraged the attacking play with Quagliarella Cassano Lisando Motta all scoring. Good game Phil, can't say Im happy with a draw though, as Matty says 1 point isn't really enough.
  14. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Agreeing with the sentiments. Ryan wasn't on the forum but was a very decent bloke. And ec106 is a different, the likes of Belkevitz and Holt not being about is a loss and Im sure even the oldies who are still here used to be a lot more involved in the setup? Still as the Mangane transfer proves there is still nowhere quite like it.
  15. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread to be fair I don't think you could get a similar deal for Managane internally unless you offered some/a decent players, however there are actually some decent players in the list below! Makes city's buying of palacios(26 89) for 17.5mill look reasonable. Interested: Leyton Orient. Burnley. Huddersfield Town. Blackpool. Northampton Town. Wycombe Wanderers. Notts County. Doncaster Rovers. Crewe Alexandra. Wigan Athletic. Hull City. Watford. Swansea City. Shorpe United. Arsenal. Nottingham Forest. West Ham United. Southend United. Coventry City. Barnsley. Charlton Athletic. Bristol City. Bolton Wanderers. Leeds United. Everton. Blackburn Rovers. Plymouth Argyle. Transfer Offers: Huddersfield Town - £559k + Egemen KORKMAZ + Mu KANAZAKI - Accepted. Arsenal - £14.6M - Accepted. Southend United - £261k + Craig GORDON + Marco ANDREOLLI - Accepted. Crewe Alexandra - £18.1M - Accepted. Nottingham Forest - £4.6M + Neal EARDLEY + Joe ALLEN - Accepted. Coventry City - £7.4M + Antolín ALCARAZ + Riccardo BROSCO - Accepted. Swansea City - £6.2M + Peter WISGERHOF + Shefki KUQI - Accepted. Shorpe United - £5.7M + Anton KANIBOLOTSKIY + Heinrich SCHMIDTGAL - Accepted. Barnsley - £4.8M + Marcos PARA + Scott SUTTER - Accepted. Wycombe Wanderers - £0k + Diego PEREZ + Souleymane CAMARA - Accepted. Notts County - £5.7M + Max GRADEL + Jo- JUNG - Accepted. Liverpool - £9.8M - Accepted. Leyton Orient - £6.5M + Niko BUNGERT - Accepted. Wigan Athletic - £8.0M + Christian RIVEROS - Accepted. Hartlepool United - £2.8M + Ionut NEAGU + Jirès KEMBO-EKOKO - Accepted. Hull City - £12.4M + Theo ROBINSON - Accepted. Charlton Athletic - £15.5M - Accepted. Bristol City - £5.7M + Alberto LOPO - Accepted. Bolton Wanderers - £17.4M - Accepted. Everton - £1.0M + Lukasz FABIANSKI + André OOIJER - Accepted. Blackburn Rovers - £17.8M - Accepted. Yeovil Town - £0k + Curtis DAVIES + Freddy EASTWOOD - Accepted. Plymouth Argyle - £4.0M + György GARICS - Accepted. Doncaster Rovers - £3.0M + Matías CARUZZO + Michael BLUM - Accepted. Blackpool - £1.0M + Jérémie BRECHET + Juan Pablo PINO - Accepted. Crewe have the top cash bid (surprised you were allowed to bid that much) but think Zak said he had nearly 20mill, im way out at about 14mill.
  16. Titulli: Re: English Championship 7345 Discussion Thread
  17. Titulli: Re: Titulli: Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
  18. Titulli: Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
  19. Re: English Championship 7345 Discussion Thread LOL! I was asleep at the time when you nipped in! and im guessing it was CV max anyway.
  20. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Adrian Gunino (85 RB) + 15mill = 89+ rated CM/DM/AM interest anyone?! http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=69355&highlight=gunino
  21. Re: English Championship 7345 Discussion Thread Lost! 2-3 against Charlton. also signed some cypriots who were surprisingly free.
  22. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread I was at home, so better result for you I would certainly say! You battered me as well!
  23. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Tom Tamburro (132)____________________Jonathan Crawford (295) Wolverhampton Wanderers _____1 - 3____ Shorpe United M.FERNANDO 21 ______________________ J.MATA 13, 89 ____________________________________ A.CASSANO 71 Scunny remain top with WDWW so far.
  24. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread That's one of the reasons 106 is the best, don't think any other EC has so few decent players at external, nearly every 88+ is gone even if they are old, dropping and completely unheard of and all talents and risers are snapped up months before you hear of them . . . It's a bit astonishing when you first join. Still there is plenty of internal deals!
  25. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread yep haven't been on sm for a few months and i thought with the new later results that you can still submit teamsheets later than 8pm if they haven't got round to your gameworld yet. but I was only going to worry about that after I'd put a few players in . . .
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