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  1. Ahmed Hegazy played the 38 premier league matches, will he rise +2?
  2. I don't think insigne will rise anytime in the future and won't play in the world cup. Matic will stay 93 at least until the end of the season and will play in the world cup and Kluivert is a hot prospect and he might join a big team next season, also he is a Kluivert 😛 So I would say the duo for sure
  3. Is there any chance Sane and Sterling to rise +2?
  4. So how do we get reputation on soccerwiki? Yesterday I voted for Schalke and Bayern players, but today nothing happened
  5. Is there really a reason for Burki to drop?
  6. How far can Joan Jordan of Eibar go? can he get +3? and should I give Teuchert of Schalke for him?
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