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  1. Ahmed Hegazy played the 38 premier league matches, will he rise +2?
  2. I don't think insigne will rise anytime in the future and won't play in the world cup. Matic will stay 93 at least until the end of the season and will play in the world cup and Kluivert is a hot prospect and he might join a big team next season, also he is a Kluivert 😛 So I would say the duo for sure
  3. Is there any chance Sane and Sterling to rise +2?
  4. So how do we get reputation on soccerwiki? Yesterday I voted for Schalke and Bayern players, but today nothing happened
  5. Is there really a reason for Burki to drop?
  6. How far can Joan Jordan of Eibar go? can he get +3? and should I give Teuchert of Schalke for him?
  7. Will Celtic players be reviewed? Scott Sinclair for example had a great season, can he reach 88?
  8. Ofcourse you should keep Dolberg, Kluivert and Gomez. Maybe Odegaard, I don't know where is he now I don't know the rest.
  9. Will Sansone of Villareal drop? and should I give Chamberlain for Sansone + Philipp Max?
  10. If you have so many good players and you are bored and won a lot of trophies and you want to change you should give Ronaldo for Salah.
  11. Will Empoli players rise this summer? Like Bennacer, how much will he get?
  12. Does anyone know any good players U21 and U80 rating that should rise this summer?
  13. What about Salif Sane, is there a chance he will get +2?
  14. Will Reus really drop? He was injured and when he came back he did very well 11 games 7 goals.
  15. Basically this is how it looks like in that GW. The transfer window is closed at the moment, that's why the only completed offer is Mario Rui to an external club...
  16. Something weird happened in a game world that has transfer window rules. Mario Rui had level 4 concern and the manager added him on the transfer list, so external clubs made offers for him and I made an offer maximum cash 5.9million. These few offers remained until the player reached level 5 and then, as usual, all the other clubs started bidding with max cash 4.9million, so I was the highest bidder. The strange thing is that after few days when all offers got accepted (including mine that was the highest with 5.9), despite the transfer window was closed, Mario Rui went to an external club tha
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