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  1. New managers required for game world 123094 Lots of teams to choose from and lots of players available. Mature league where the current members take it seriously, but we have had a few drop out and would love to get it busy and buzzing again. A warm welcome to all new managers. Good luck, except against me (arsenal) See you there :-)
  2. New managers required All welcome, a well run league with plenty of teams available Open to all Thank You and we look forward to seeing you. Good luck Barrie
  3. Hi we are currently accepting new managers of all levels. The league is fairly mature, but we have had a few leaving. The clubs taken so far are, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Reading, so there are lots of teams to chose from and lots of players available. We will look forward to welcoming you and wish you the absolute very best of luck. Barrie (game world owner:123094 / club Arsenal) Thank You for reading.
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