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  1. Re: Ignorring players opinions What difference do the tactics im using make? You think i'm using more "dangerous" tactics? USing the same tactics as everyone else. Obviously. Stoopid response. EVERY WEEK i GET AT LEAST ONE LONG TERM INJURY. ITS FLAMING ANNOYING> This issue is raised with the powers that be time and time again and yet still it is occurring at an alarming rate. If this game is supposed to be a reflection of the real world then it is failing miserably. Its almost as if its is written/created by someone who knows nothing at all about football but saw an opportunity to fleece people into parting with money. Sort it out.
  2. I see we are still being crucified with ridiculous injuries. Quality. I'm so glad i paid £14 for the privelage of being driven out of every team i have. Well worth it. What odds someone getting their heads around this? Or is it just going to be ignorred indefinitely? Two injuries in one game..one nine weeks, one ten weeks. Is this your idea of fun? CHANGE THE INJURIES & RECOVERY TIME.........How many times do you need asking/telling? Or is it just a case of take the money and run? Pft!
  3. FYI Players don't miss half a season with a broken wrist. When, oh when are we going to have realistic recovery times for injuries....??? What you need to realise is that one week in game time, is the equivelant of 2 weeks in the real world....In the real world teams generally play ONE league game a week. In here we play two. So, why don't you just replace "Weeks" with "turns", when it comes to recovery times? A broken wrist, 9 turns....thats the eqivalent o 9 games in the real world....more realistic, A broken wrist at 9 WEEKS means 18 games missed....half a season. It's so far over the top it's almost a joke. Except it's not funny in the slightest. Please, please, oh please...do something about this naive interpretation of injuries. It's ruining what is otherwise an excellent game.
  4. Re: Should Ronaldo have been a 99 last season? Zidane>Ronaldinho As for Ronaldo not turning up in the BIG (BIG!) games, change the record mate. You won't find too many players who can completely dominate and control games against the BIG (BIG!) teams. Did Messi "turn up" in either of the two semi against United? No, he didn't. Because United defended expertly, he couldn't do anything. Does that make his any less of a player? Scoring a goal is making an impact. I don't know what else you could call scoring a goal. As has been said, he scored against all the other big three, as well opening up a cagey CL quarter final with Roma in Rome, and in the CL final. He tormented Zambrotta in the Camp Nou, and although he won won penalty, he could and should have seen Zambrotte red carded for his over physical, desperate attempts to stop him. Two other pens turned down. Thats making an impact, is it not? Not to mention 42 goals in a double winning season, thats definitely what i call making an impact. Its a whole season that matters, not just 6 or 7 games of your choosing a season. No impact in big games? Honestly, some people. Would he be a better player if he was less high impact in 32 games a season and just turned up for the 6 big games?
  5. Re: Lying Chairman Quite patronising. Nope, not confusing anything. When i add a player to my shortlist, my Chairman gives me a valuation...Usually to some degree, less than the selling Chairman. As i said in my OP. I gave the example a player for sale £12mil, (My Chairman valuation £10Mil) When i've paid for him and he arrives, my Chairmans valuation has decreased. He is now worth £8mil. Sorry to reapeat myself, but you confused what i said. How can there be such a discrepancy? Surely his value will not fall so sharply, so quickly? And, no, i'm not misreading anything, I've been playing this game for over a year so i'm quite familiar with what i'm talking about.
  6. I identify a player i want...He's going to cost me at least £12mil, but it's ok, my Chairman tells me he is valued at £10mil in his opinion - so not a bad price to pay. £2mil variation in valuation. So, i stump up £12 mil, the selling clubs asking price. I've been scrimping and saving to get this money together, so am looking forward to the arrival of my (semi) expensive new striker. Fortunately for me the offer is accepted and the deal goes through. Joy! Well, not quite. When the player arrives, my Chairman has had a change of heart and tells me is now only worth £8mil. Meaning i hadn't secured quite the deal i thought i had. Why does this happen? If, at the time of selecting a player to buy, my Chairman lies to me about the valuation, how is that a fair way to do business? If he is worth £10mil when i put in the offer, why must my Chairman decide, after the event, that he isn't actualy worth that much at all? Is this some kind of illiegal price fixing scam? Is my Chairman taking kick backs that i don't know about? In short, i think i'm getting ripped off. By my OWN chairman. Any particular reason for having a corrupt Chairman built into the game?
  7. Re: Why Loss ??? Sometimes? everytime i lose, it's on the back of be whooping a team in posession, shots on targ, shots off targ, corners, tackles, etc etc.. I have 65% / 35% 45 shots to 7 shots 26 on target to 2 on target Yet all my players rate as 5's and 6's and the opposition rates 8's and 9's. And i lose. Time and time again. I could accept losing frequently if i was doing something wrong, but clearly i'm not....Im battering my opponent in every way possible....but losing all the time. Makes no sense whatsoever. Freeak results do happen in real life, thats true...but not EVERY time a team loses.
  8. Re: Tactics Help Thread To be honest, until changes are made to the result generator, i don;t think it matters what formation you play, or what players you have, or what tactics you use....it's all chance from what i can tell anyway. Roll of the old dice is what decides if you win or lose, pure luck. You will get a run of wins at some point, then that same formation, tactics and team will go on a run of loses..and there is nothing you can do about it. Has anyone ever lost a game that they actually deserved to lose? Not sure i have. All my loses come in games where i batter the opposition - in every dept, but still lose. When i win, i'm usually the one thats been battered. Strange.
  9. Re: Gashed Arm He cut his arm? Difference between cutting your arm playing footy but a gash? Extremely unlikely. I've played football for 15 years and never seen anyone GASH an arm. It happens almost every week in here....
  10. Re: Gashed Arm ..Oh yeah, better not forget the obligatory..
  11. Re: Gashed Arm Doesn't matter? lol. Yeah, ok. This is a simulation, yes? So it is supposed to simulate "real life", this injury does not exist in the real world. Realism. You heard of that? If teams must lose so many players with stoopid injuries, then lets at least have injuries that ACTUALLY occur in real life. Broken metatarsel = five weeks. Gashed arm = imaginary. Gashed arm, pfft. CAn you, or anyone name a player who has suffered this most sickening of injuries?......No? Neither can i. Thats because it NEVER happens. I think if i'm a paying customer, i should be able to excpect a certain level of realism in the game, and ridiculous injuries and non sensical recovery times are killing it.
  12. Can someone tell me what a gashed arm is? And also can someone please help me and explain how such an injury might be sustained, also i would like someone to help me by telling me the name of any player that might have suffered such an injury. Because i have NEVER heard of a football player getting a gashed arm. I have five players out injured with a gashed arm, each five weeks. I know this is the "help" section and this might be construed as moaning, but i genuinely need help understanding this. I think some of my opposition my be fielding farm machinery instead of football players, because i can not understand how so many players can....gash an arm....playing football. Never heard, or seen it happen anywhere except in here. Help me understand. Seeing as, despite a growing swell of opposition, these daft injuries keep occuring, i really would love some help on the subject. Sick of losing my most expensive players to ridiculous, plucked out of thin air injuries.
  13. Re: Juventus stadium So only some set ups actually reflect reality then? Player ratings can change across set ups but major aspects like stadia doesn't? Both the Juve's in question are in the first season. Seems a little......poor. But thanks anyway.
  14. I have a Juve team (or two) and they both show a game stadium of Stadio Olympico with a reduced capacity of 25,000 - seems fair as that is where the real Juve are playing. How come a Juve team in (at least) one set up is showing a game stadium of Stadio del Alpi with a capacity of 69,000, which is in stark contrast to where that team profile says they play in real life...it actually shows th correct stadium in the "real life" details. I've basically had to sell all my high earners to accomodat Juve's new (hugely reduced) earnings from the change of venue. Seems totally unfair to have one (some) teams still earning gate receipts for the del Alpi while others are being pinched by the new capacity. Any one offer me some words of wisdom on why this is so? Just curious.
  15. Re: Raise Your Voice and vote Against Long Term Injuries Then the injury should be "internal haemorhage" or something suitably serious, not a bruise. If it's a haemorhage then thats different. but a bruise is a bruise mate. You're NEVER going to miss 16 matches with a bruise. Never.
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