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  1. I havent received any prize money for many years now. This is a huge bug ruining the game experience for many but the admins dont seem to want to reply or respond to say theyre looking into it?? its not the old days on soccermanager where you had a lot of communication and quick responses. its like they ignore this now? have they reduced staff??
  2. Not only are concerns very buggy but im finding injuries are now becoming out of control. My squad has been decimated with injuries now. I'm playing with one friend in the same league and i currently have 8 first team players injured. My friend has zero. I'm not playing my players too much and am rotating them around. Players only play really if theyre 100% so i dont see how i can have so many injuries and he doesnt. My friend uses the new lay out and i use the old. is this the reason? Its spoiling my game massively as my squad is thinning out now. I just want a normal game experience and ive played this for 7 years and never encountered something so bad as this. Do the admins reply to things here or is it all twitter based??? English Championship 19359
  3. Ive had this issue as well. I've had 9 players who have shot up to high concerns over night. All the players have played between 26-32 games of the season. We've just played game 36 tonight. I dont know how players can be concerned by having only played 32 games out of 36! The players were injured at the time too. This seems like a huge bug?!??
  4. Please SM. Pause your "anniversary updates" whoever is making you do these its going terribly and you WILL NOT see another anniversary again at this rate I'm trying to desperately find out if a league i'm in and have been in for the last 3 years is going to close. I've been told "anything less than 2 will close the league" to then be told "anything less than 5 is gonna close the league!!" to then be told "anything less than 2 is gonna close your league!" I've tried to get 7 friends involved but theyve gone "soccermanager sounds like its on its way out if its totally conflicting what its saying i'll leave that!!" The new interface is a disaster. Slow and painful. Designed by someone new into your organisation i guess?? i own my own league but my friends are leaving as they think the information coming out of your company currently in terms of its future is pretty lousy. By the way what HAVE YOU DONE to the old forums? again youre trying to better things with no interaction with your users and instead shoving these disasters onto us to then "feed back". Again this is a terrible way to do things. I want to buy a particular league off you which you now claim (after saying it wasnt shutting) that it will. Make your mind up is it 2 players or 5 players. sort out those bugs please youre losing players. can i buy this league or not?? can i email you comments or do you respond to people on twitter?? so far you only reply to people you want. I love soccermanager but youre on the road to extinction. Pause all these "restarts" youve got ie lack of communication about how many users are needed, ie restarting old leagues for no reason and old users lose all their triumphs. Youre losing a lot of people. "johnny you won the league 3 times there but now its gone" "oh well lol" THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. youre losing your old fan base. PAUSE these reboots and answer our questions please!!!
  5. Good evening! My friend has purchased an italian league and we've had some smashing good times. However he's now thinking of ending the league and starting a russian game. does he need to purchase another league or can he just "kill" the old italian league (only 2 of us left now!!) and reset his own league?
  6. Problems with SM league Hello English Championship 19359 should have started yesterday but yet the games havent been played and its still stuck on the pre season games on saturday. How do i refer this over or will it fix itself??
  7. Hello all Im the admin of a league and i invited my friend to join it. However he can't find the invite anywhere on his game. Once i try to invite him again it keeps saying "this club has already been offered out". Yet i offered it to him? On the club screen as well it usually says the real life managers name and then in brackets (club offered) or something like that but its just blank. Is there anyway to cancel invites so i can resend it? or do i need to wait for the invite to expiry? it must have been a week ago anyway! How long would i need to wait to resend
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