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  1. Hi After having used it for a few days my feedback would be Good points 1. Mobile app on a phone is much better. I can actually use it on my phone now where before I never bothered 2. Player changes/concerns/stadium changes etc - whilst they will take a while to get used to I think they will overall work out well Bad points 1. I hate using a mobile type interface on the desktop/laptop/iPad. I much preferred the old layout as all the information you wanted was easy to see. Now it's to dumbed down and takes to many clicks. It would be much better if news feed - messages - league table were all on the same page instead of spread over 3 tabs 2. You can't see enough information in various screens. For example to see players on transfer bans in squad you have to change the view. But in transfers or shortlist where this is really useful I can't see even an option to show it. Instead you have to click on each player to find out 3. The advert that pops up every time you want to see the match results is getting really frustrating. Especially when on the IPad it's actually just a black screen 4. General speed as well, but I guess you are working on that so I'm sure that will improve over the coming days For me it's also a real shame you didn't take this opportunity to change back to the old way of doing player rating changes in groups where people were able to see in advance what regions were coming up. As I know this was one big change that ruined the SM experience for a lot of people. Overall if you'd just changed the mobile app, imported the changes into the desktop version but left the layout the same I think you'd have had a generally positive reaction. At the moment the desktop version is just to time consuming to navigate around. It also now just looks and feels like all the other football management games you can get. Where before I liked it specifically because it was a bit different
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