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  1. Yes I agree. United is too big a club for him right now. Would have been second choice so yeah fair play to him going to a club that meets his current stature.
  2. United is too big a club for him right now then. I'll agree to that no problem.
  3. You just don't reject United when they come calling. I am actually laughing.I am trying to justify as to why someone would prefer United over schalke. I give up mate. I don't even know why I started justifying tbh so top marks to you for even drawing me into this.
  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha so much fun mate so much fun. Laugh everyone please, Ashtini just come up with two of the most funny insults evaaaaa.
  5. Read it once more "Embolo rejected Manchester United for Schalke" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.... OH MY YOU'RE TRYING TO JUSTIFY THIS. Anyways I'll accept if its helps you sleep mate. I wasn't joking or being sarcastic at all. Ain't ya a fat man mate?
  6. Stop it fat man. I was wrong fair enough but you would have to be a retard to believe that he preferred schalke over United.
  7. Oh my Oh. People believing a player would prefer Schalke over United. Oh my. United didn't pursue him that's all.
  8. You'll see over the summer. I'll call deals earlier. Might have got this one wrong so yes, I accept.
  9. Apparently United have pulled out of the Embolo signing because they weren't convinced with his Euros performances. Will be moving to Schalke if United maintain their stance of not pursuing him.
  10. Bonucci is a short term investment. Not something I'd want but then again looking from another perspective it wouldn't be that bad. Bailey can learn a thing or two from Bonucci and then take over in lets say 2-3 years.
  11. Embolo is all done. You have my word for it. What Rahul said. Ibra is free. Bonucci would cost a fortune.
  12. Invest in someone younger. Bonucci even if he settles will have 2 top class seasons for us and that is no where near the investment we would make. Embolo is all done. Excited to see him next season. There are clear shades of Drogba.
  13. Big NO to bonucci. He's old and BPL is a graveyard for Italian defenders. Mkhitaryan would be a welcome addition. Embolo is a brilliant signing. Shades of Drogba.
  14. My old man says Embolo is done and dusted. Transfer will be completed once Switzerland are out of the Euros.
  15. Just messaged you my Skype. Do we have anyone else up for it too?
  16. Lets do that for the England's game if you're watching? I'll PM you my skype in a minute.
  17. How less did you want to pay for Shaw and Schneiderlin. They were fair deals. Martial looked like overpriced but he has been worth every penny. Take the 60m right now Monaco.
  18. Shaw was a brilliant signing. Blind was a brilliant signing. Schneiderlin was a brilliant signing. Only because LvG didn't use them properly doesn't mean the signings weren't good. Stop pissing in your pants mate.I am so looking forward to this season. Ah the bitter comments. I've missed them so bad.
  19. I haven't seen you praising a single signing that United have ever made. Coincidence or just bitter?
  20. His tenure at Wigan was massively overrated so when he came at Everton, it was just a matter of time before his tactics got outdated. Agreed. Especially with the competition this year a top 7 finish would be a huge achievement considering this last season and Koeman is capable of that but I still feel there were better options out there.
  21. Rodriguez will be a brilliant signing. Exactly the kind of upgrade on Monreal you need to challenge for titles. Not at all convinced by the signing of Vardy though. I hope he keeps on performing but just somewhere I feel it was just that one good season. If Arsenal manage to get the same ditto Vardy from Leicester and a quality CB, they may as well challenge for the title but then again, Wenger is there so no worries.
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