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  1. Thank you for letting me in your league!
  2. Hey guys just wondering if you could give my game world 'The YES Movement Championship' a go! I'm trying to rejuvenate it and by making it competitive, it makes SoccerManager enjoyable! ID: 224171 (I've been offered a lot of jobs to managers, apologies if you've been annoyed by it) I just want to fill the game world in all honesty!
  3. Hi, FK Sarajevo has a stadium capacity of 37,500. I'd like to take those please!
  4. I'd like to manage either KV Kortrijk, Merthyr Town or FK Sarajevo or FC Ingolstadt.
  5. Really enjoying this game world, news feed is active. I recommend those who haven't joined yet, to join.
  6. My Sutton United team have really come into their own.
  7. Total Fusion Super League - 4839 THe JAJ League - 206698 United Kingdom Champship - 203654 The Roman Reigns League - 236680 Sprite Super League - 16517 Whose Coat is That Jacket - 237612 The YES Movement Championship - 224171 Umbro Super League - 1838 Y 2 10K - 238246 Please check them out!
  8. I've applied for Cottbus, time to build!
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