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  1. Exactly, really one big bunch of crap, the whole game. Most stupid ratings ever, and no development over last 5 years.
  2. Formation + tactics are only for fun. Really doesnt matter what you use.
  3. - Rating system is crap for 5 years -Tactics are a complete joke Thats why no one pays to play this poor game. No money, so no devepement/ improvements.
  4. Ricardo Pereira will rise to 90 very soon
  5. Moraes + 40 to 138 Guedes + 290 to 375
  6. Vecino 91 LOL Reus injured for about 4 years,... 94 What a n muppet show.
  7. All your midfielders have attacking mindset, except Kovacic. Most of them are wingers. Kante should be top priority.
  8. Forget SM's rating system. It's the biggest sh!t on the internet.
  9. SM should put all players in that garbage League on 70.
  10. Julian Pollersbeck STRONG BUY, should rise to 82/83 before season starts From 2nd Bundesliga to HSV U21 Euro Champ, Penalty Hero + 3 clean sheets The German Edwin van der Sar
  11. Keep. Zenith already bought Manolas and Driussi and they're not done yet.
  12. Promes is the worst player I've ever seen in a shirt of Dutch national team. Spartak is the perfect club for fat face Quincy. A team full or garbage and lunatics
  13. City better stop signing English players. Stones and Sterling are not good enough. Delph signing was hilarious. 150 M down the drain. City dont have a soul or own identity, So Peppi is free to line up 11 players from different countries, no one cares. It will be a sh!t club for ever. Same for PSG and Chelsea.
  14. Good stuff! Wendel added to shortlist
  15. SM should remove RB position for Lindelof and Stones
  16. Players at the age 25-30 worth less than 15 M are totally garbage.
  17. True, and A.Silva is garbage too. They always buy sh!t.
  18. Paredes stays at 88 and Zielinski got +2 to 90
  19. Wing back sometimes, but he never plays full back.
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