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  1. This is a private league for players from RedCafe but I've decided to open it to everyone. The squad cap is 35 and there's a rich economy. You cant buy from unmanaged clubs. We only have 8 managers out of 40 and are currently in season 7 (gameweek 11) Join please. Thank you.
  2. Messi > Neymar > Suarez > Bale > Kane > Ronaldo
  3. Surprised no-one has picked Erik Lamela
  4. Yeah about 239m including Sterling who I can't bid for.
  5. How much have I spent now then?
  6. Can there be an extended period of time in the night (10pm-8am) so we can actually sleep?
  7. I had to go for old players like Tiago and Evra just to fit into the budget. Luckily got 2 or 3 good youngsters but they're never going to be Messi/Neymar level
  8. My team is Trapp Bellerin - Gimenez - Laporte - Gaya Gundogan - Tiago De Bruyne - Kane - Sterling Lukaku See it's rubbish because of the draft yet someone can come in late and buy a better team.
  9. It'd be fair if they weren't allowed to bid for players over 93 too
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