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  1. Re: D'Agostino will rise to 90 or 91? no, he is not playing good!
  2. Re: Luca Marrone - Juventus youth Add today to DB! I think he is a great player and can play in the future in the midfield with Marchisio!
  3. Re: cannavaro and del piero I think Cannavaro il playing very very well...so he can stay to 94! Del Piero is non playing because he is injured, but i thing he can stay to 94 too!
  4. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Trezeguet 93 Amauri 92 Sissoko no rise? ecc ecc...
  5. Re: ribas Diego hahahaha ridiculous!
  6. Re: ribas Diego Father of DIEGO yesterday: http://globoesporte.globo.com/Esportes/Noticias/Futebol/0,,MUL1123175-9842,00-PAI+DE+DIEGO+NEGA+CONTATO+COM+O+BAYERN+E+DIZ+QUE+ACERTO+COM+O+JUVE+ESTA+PRO.html
  7. Re: Cristian PASQUATO It's so difficult to know what's happen with Pasquato next year...but i think he is going to renew the loan or leave Juventus!
  8. Re: Should The EPL Be Reviewed Again? Myhill Given Geovanni
  9. Re: Bruno Meneghel We must buy he now?
  10. Re: English Ratings - What happened? Maybe in the next days SM do some corrections?
  11. Re: English Ratings - What happened? No rise for GEOVANNI, Deiberson?
  12. Re: Juan Camilo Zuniga: aka Columbia's Maicon Really good player! I think he moves to a big club in a transfer season this summer!
  13. Re: Future German talent? THank you all...more players would be appreciate!
  14. Can anyone list the future German talent? Thnx
  15. Re: LORIK CANA Great great player CANA, i hope next season he goes to play in a big club!
  16. Re: Albanian Superliga Risers Go TEUTA, some of my friends play with Teuta team!
  17. Re: Adriano - Retired? Just a few months for the moment...
  18. Re: EPL Ratings To Begin After Bank Holiday? They start today!
  19. Re: Arsenal youth club academy Recruting palyers right...it's ro ridicolous' date=' just see the email address --- [email']arsenal.youthclubacademy@gmail.com[/email]
  20. Re: Giuseppe Giovinco No, he is not e difensive midfielder but an AM, just like Sebastian!
  21. Re: Erton Fejzullahu hahahaha are you sure? Erton Fajzullahu is a part bosnian? The name show he is from Kosovo... Nice find!
  22. Re: Is SERIE A underrated? Pirlo is overrated? Do you ever see playing Pirlo? Do all of you forget that Italy win the last world cup? Whatever, i know that Premier League NOW it's probably the best league on europe, but i think SERIE A is a little underrated, certanally in some player...
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