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  1. Matip of course. He had a good season & will turn into a better player under Klopp
  2. I'm not able to use my "free gameworld" slot. It's just showing "standard gameworld" templates to choose from. I can't choose the clubs that can be managed, they are pre-determined.
  3. expected a +2 for Djibril Sidibe, when will SM wake up?
  4. LUKAS NMECHA Age : 17 Clubs : MCFC U18, U19 Foot : Right Nationality : England DOB : December 12,1998 Position : F(RLC) Stats FA YOUTH CUP Games : 6 Goals : 2 Assists : 3 UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE Games : 6 Goals : 1 Assists : 1 U21 PREMIER LEAGUE Games : 5 Goals : 2 An extremely talented youngster who shines in the no.9 position, Lukas Nmecha has also been deployed on either wing in a City shirt as managers look to make the most of his talents in the final third. Possessing an excellent first touch and two good feet, Lukas excels in one on o
  5. This thread is dedicated to Manchester City Youth players from EDS, U19, U18 who are not yet added in the SM database So starting here with Brahim Abdelkar Diaz Age : 16 Clubs : MCFC U18, U19 Height : 170cm Nationality : Spain DOB : August 3,1999 Position : AM(RLC) Stats FA YOUTH CUP Games : 6 Goals : 3(Club Top Scorer) UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE Games : 3 Goals : 1 Played 3 matches for Spain U17 Brahim Diaz is a Spanish midfielder who joined City from Malaga. His ability allowed him to be fast-tracked to the Under 18s sid
  6. So I created a gameworld with empty squads. Now it's going to enter in the season 2 & I'm confused about setting the rules for CLUB SQUADS & CLUB STARTING BALANCE. Do I have to choose 'DEFAULT' option for both to keep the things as they are?
  7. Re: What formation should I play with these players? Hey, thanks for the reply I don't know why the image attachment didn't work. So the first season with this Leverkusen team is over & It's been a rough second half of the season. I tried different "counter formations" for different matches, and I have been successful for almost half of the season like this, I was at 2nd until the first half of the season, scored 40+ had GD of 15-20 goals but then finished 11th with scoring only upto 64 goals & conceding 57 for whole season. Now I want my team to play with a unique formation, post s
  8. Which formation+tactics should I play with this Leverkusen team? https://www.flickr.com/gp/81845238@N07/398B0w
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