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  1. -1 for Nicolas Pepe is harsh considering how long others seem to get before SM drop them
  2. Calabria + Demiral for Dest. Thoughts?
  3. @Sir Rahul No rise for Romagnoli 😔
  4. Eriksen to PSG is the only way he returns to his best imo. Stones resurgence + being at Man City will likely see him rise fast. I'd consider it but maybe hold out for a 2nd player on top if I was selling Eriksen.
  5. Typical of SM to do it. No doubt he'll rise in the summer review when he isn't playing as well and probably doesn't deserve it at the time haha!
  6. Goal and assist for Barella against Juventus tonight. That's 7 goals he's contributed to this season (5 goals and 2 assists). Also ranks 2nd for chances created from midfield (30). Can't understand how he didn't get +1 in this review. He's been outstanding.
  7. There's a chance but I think most would agree that he should drop to 92 this review
  8. Tough one but for me. Botman, Kumbulla, Kabak Hauge, Tchouameni, Pellegrini, Wamangituka
  9. He's in a new league and would normally be given 6 months if he's playing often enough but, he's only started 3 league matches which is concerning. I think he'll drop to 92 this review.
  10. Ruben Dias 100% Lindelof 50/50 Hermoso could get +2. Atletico are massively underrated.
  11. De Jong is the better player in my opinion but I'd still go for Goretzka. He will rise to 94 within 2 reviews. De Jong has 94 potential but I think his rise will be slower. I'd lose Verratti out of the 4.
  12. Don't get the value system in SM. Havertz 100% isn't rising this review.
  13. Dybala is safe at 93. He was Juve's best player last season and has been frustrated by injuries this season. Saul is safe at 93 for now as well, Atletico having a great season. Pjanic is certain to drop.
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