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  1. It wouldn't have surprised me to see Martinez get +1 today, he's a great player. Personally, I rate Dybala higher but everyone's entitled to an opinion.
  2. It's normal but you have to remember that Dybala has been injured. Can't bring a players rating down who's been unavailable for over half a season. As a (not direct) comparison, do Van Dijk or Joe Gomez deserve to drop this review? Come next season, Joe Gomez will be the same rating as Stones, Maguire, Bastoni, Sule, Pavard etc
  3. Beyond seasonal stats, Dybala is simply a better player than Martinez when fully fit.
  4. Looking for LB prospects in a CGW. Any recommendations for LBs < 21 that are yet to breakout? I already have Nuno Mendes btw 😉
  5. Feel like there isn't much love here for Dybala lol 3 years of sub par performances... Serie A player of the year last season and plagued by injuries for the majority of this season. I'm not sure what I'm missing here. Players who with long term injuries tend to be excluded as we all know. Why should Dybala be the exception? Or is it simply Juve hate thats fueling it? I know a few on here thought he should drop last review as well.
  6. He should hold really. Missed 21 games through injury and struggled for fitness all season. Serie A MVP last season and think most would agree that Juve's season would have been different with a fully fit Dybala available.
  7. Anyone else starting to think Lukaku is getting +2 this review?
  8. Great start for Italy. To think they were missing Verratti tonight as well.
  9. Maybe SM thinking this title win was a one off so decided against bigger increases until next review. See if Lille can stay in around the top 3.
  10. Credit to Villarreal but this game was there for the taking and decisions (or lack of) from Ole have ultimately cost Man United tonight.
  11. Can you send a link to the discord? Cheers
  12. Close but I'd say the trio for me unless you're covered in those positions. If not, take Haaland.
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