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  1. If I'm understanding the flexibility correctly. Let's say Werner will start a new GW as 92 rated. If he's unhappy, plays poor or has concerns. He can drop GW rating to a low of 87. If he plays well, wins individual/team awards then he can hit a GW rating high of 97. If he has a base/fixed rating change (in the normal review based on real world form) then it will effect his GW rating. So, if he was 97 rated in a GW and was to get +1 in the real world review then his GW rating would rise to 98. @Steven Paul is this correct?
  2. Flexible around fixed rating. Can go up and down by 5 per GW. Does this mean a player will start each GW with a fixed rating but that rating can change based on in-game factors? Will real world form/ability still impact a players initial fixed rating? Overall, I think it's great to see SMW getting some updates. Looking forward to you sharing more around each improvement.
  3. Doesn't matter. Castrovilli wasn't on the edited pages but still got +2.
  4. I've recently started playing him at LW in 4-2-3-1 B. League Games 11, Goals 12, Assists 15, AvP 8.91
  5. Barnes + Gosens if you want to make a nice profit this review.
  6. No rise for Halstenberg is strange considering Klostermann got it. I think both have had a great season. Halstenberg is the more creative of the two fullbacks for me and maybe takes a few more risks. Stats are still very similar though so seems odd to not give both +1. The fun of review time I guess.
  7. Any chance of increases this review for Thomas Partey Timo Werner Mo Salah Dani Carvajal Son Heung-Min
  8. Any chance of Timo Werner +1 in this review?
  9. New SM Worlds update coming to celebrate 15 years!!!!!!
  10. Not surprised at -1 for Aubameyang. He's a great centre forward but now in natural decline. Players need to consistently challenge for team or individual honours to maintain 94+
  11. Not surprised at -1 for Aubameyang. He's a great centre forward but now in natural decline. Players need to consistently challenge for team or individual honours to maintain 94+
  12. What factors in your spreadsheet predicted Melo's increase?
  13. Who do you think will drop this review? Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have been inconsistent but still sitting respectfully in 1st and 2nd. Bayern have been poor as well this season but the majority of their top rated players held their ratings.
  14. He's been in good form this season, don't see why he would drop this review.
  15. You will get bids eventually. I've also found that re-listing players can sometimes prompt bids from external clubs.
  16. Appreciate the amount of effort that must go into your model. Seen the call out for Harry Wilson which got my thinking about how your % expression predicts the likelihood of increase/decrease. Wilson has 18 appearances (14 starts) with 1,000+ minutes and 6 goals this season so I would expect +2 this review at least.
  17. Different positions/play styles but Neuhaus is the better option short/medium term. Gladbach are having a good season and on course to be playing in Europe next season. Roca better long term. He has good potential but needs a move.
  18. Any ideas when the main review is going to start???
  19. 100% for me. Should have got +1 last review and was overlooked. +2 would be right but I'm expecting +1.
  20. I would swap De Jong for Pogba now. Pogba likely to move soon and has already shown 94+ form. De Jong is a risk having just moved with huge expectation on him.
  21. Romagnoli is the better defender but Lenglet will likely rise faster with minutes at Barcelona.
  22. My selling order would be Neves, Aouar then Odoi Odoi will feature for Chelsea more when he's back from injury and looks like the real deal. Aouar has huge potential but needs to leave Lyon to hit 91+. Neves would be first for me just based on the other two being better prospects .
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