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  1. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media Fraser McInnes, Celtic supremo and multi talented individual, was still unavailable for comment last night after his division favourites shock loss in Northern Spain. This was mainly due to the fact that the police in Glasgow's east end would not allow any cell based interviews by the local press. After watching his sides demolition in Spain, McInnes was reported to have managed to plough through 3x bottles of Highland Park, 2x Taliskers and finished on an always smooth bottle of Dalwhinnie. No doubt this had an impact on the devastation he caused in the family home
  2. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media Celtic 1-1 Cardiff City Honours even in Glasgow as, in an astonishing act of clemency, Celtic's manager keeps his star man on the bench for the curtain raiser. Asked why he kept Hazard off the pitch McInnes replied, The best thing in the match was, of course, De Jong's free kick. An absolute peach but that was bettered by the pre-game warm up where McInnes and Smout took to the field for a kick around only for Smout to end up having to chase the Glasgow mans shadow whilst McInnes took great pleasure in performing meg after meg to shouts of TUUNNEELLLLL from the
  3. Re: DAiS Invitational Hah! Don't worry about me. I've given him so much abuse over the years its like water off a ducks back to him now. But coming from someone new would be sure to get his juicies flowing...
  4. Re: DAiS Invitational Can I just say that for anyone looking to secure a place in this new setup here's the best way to go about it. Give the creator abuse non stop. That's right. Dai loves it. He positively feeds off it. He's like a human version of the dung beetle. Go on. Give it a try.
  5. Re: Brigadoon!! Match Reports,Transfers,Banter Etc! Yeah. Now I'm concerned I'll go the rest of the season without another 3pts! Still need a few victories to try to pull myself to safety.
  6. Re: Brigadoon!! Match Reports,Transfers,Banter Etc! Falkirk v Greenock Morton Falkirk, fighting for their lives welcome high flying Morton in another must win match for both sides. Morton find themselves 6 points off the pace at the top while the home side find themselves 1 point from safety. the Bairns have shown the better form in the last 6 weeks and are looking good in their bid for survival but Morton have the league's top scorer in their ranks and Troy Deeney is looking good to score the goals his side need to keep the pressure on United............prediction 2-2 We're going for the s
  7. Re: DAiS Invitational Nice to see Sky Blue and Sam involved in this. Pity it wasn't tag team. They'd make a great pair. All we need now is Bobo. I've asked the captain of The Arcadia if we could postpone sailing until the setup got off the ground. He told me to f off. I'll post my idea about a blind pre-season ballot on FB before I cruise and see how many are interested in it. And Mr Smout, Milky Way's are for geeks. I eat foamy pink shrimps ok?!?
  8. Re: DAiS Invitational Thank God...
  9. Re: DAiS Invitational Don't use the dreaded 'D' word mate! I made that mistake already. It's a secret ballot for 1 star player. It could even be a pre-season event at the start of every season.
  10. Re: DAiS Invitational One other thing, I'm going on a 17 day cruise around the Med, leaving on 31st July and returning on the 16th August. Any chance we can hold off until I return before opening the setup...?
  11. Re: DAiS Invitational I'm all for starting with a mid level team rather than one of the elite clubs. I don't really want to start with a low (mid 70's) team as this may put people off the structure and turn it into another league with a distinctive advantage to people who are better at scouting talents (be they well known or obscure) Maybe a mid 80's team, such as say Liverpool (Mr S. ) might be the way to go. But to give everyone a starting boost we would all be allowed to sign 1 star player without interference (i.e. others bidding) The sting in the tail would be we would all have to b
  12. Re: DAiS Invitational I'm Scottish and live in England. By those standards I can mock anyone!
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