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    Anyone from North Dakota?
  2. Hi, any Germans or Brazillian can shed light about the property development scene in their country. There has been talks about investing in Germany / Brazil. Don't want to be victim of the Ponzi Scheme.
  3. Hi, I am a manager from World Championship 33333 ID: 172093 Obviously , there is blataant cheating and ruining of game world. SMFA has done a good job denying the transfer of Walcott, but why did they give them the green light when the report was made again. PSG + Liverpool clearly ruining the game with the dubious transfers. Why will anyone dispose their highly rated players. Do understand that Hyina(Forumer) - reputable player is in this game world, IT DOES NOT mean that he doesnt leverage on the stupidity/naivety of such players.
  4. Re: C'mon, match engine has a problem TBH, you only know about it now? The game is pretty much "revamped" too much for their own good. You can win 4-1 with the same team and lose 0-5 the next day. No Plan. No Tricks No Gimmicks. Just Luck! and an average team will do a job. Someone once put a 70 rated keeper and still won.
  5. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. joined, lets see how good the managers are inside
  6. Re: Counter formations Anyone like you think you are brilliant manager, send an invite or buzz telling me your game world. We would like to join you to see if we can win you Engine pretty screw up. someone with a team average of 89/90 can stay on top with convincing wins. A simple 4-4-2 does a job seriously. just having players close to each others ability.
  7. Re: Contract Renewing by Chairman There are several contradicting posts , so I'll introduce players to make it more clearly known to players who need help 3 Players Westerman - 21k - weeky ( rated 91 ) - Does it mean if chairman renews it becomes 40k not 59k ? Pranjic - 21k/w - ( rated 90 ) - Does it ...... 40k not 59k Niang - 40k+/w ( rated 91 ) - Chairman renewing will keep it @ 40k ? not 60k ? The first post by Smart doc did not answer abt whether it will be to 40k or 60k
  8. With no cheaters ( seeing those conspiracy going on ) Zarate going Lyon with Gassama going the other way ? Looking Good setup, no cheaters, bunch of good players ( tactical prowess ) and obviously no quitters. ( If someone who writes newspaper regularly, it be good ) I'm currently in W876, interesting to see Boca winning for 2nd year running.
  9. Re: Any recommendations on future 90+ rated DM's Watch out for Moussa.Sissoko - 86 ( Toulouse ). Scouts has good reviews of him following his display against England in their friendly way back. Strong tackler, strong runner, willing to join in the attack.
  10. From the help guide, it was said that contracts are automaticlly renewed by the chairman. So to check, for a 90 rating player who is on a 21k wage, when chairman renews his contract automatically, will his wage become 40k++ or 59k++ ? If chairman gives player lower wages, I will gladly let him do the job.
  11. Re: Yossi Benayoun - 89 ? Santa Cruz should drop to 89 and Gab should go up to 90, lets imagine if Villa has just achieved the 5th place recently with Gabby's goal, what might have happened now. Its a fact that his performance during the first half of the season has benefited Villa play on a whole and made Villa one of the most dangerous side in counter-attacking. IMO Benayoun has done very well as the super-sub, scoring, he is the most under-rated player. I'm amazed @ the fact that Aurelio gets a 91 and Benayoun doesnt.
  12. Re: Rating changes Benayoun poor thing
  13. Does he deserve the drop, thought his performance for Reading and his international appearances could have helped him to retain at least
  14. Re: Jonathan Obika Obika scored for Yeovil yesterday and he is still not added !!!!
  15. Re: Torres+Gerrard's Portuguese and Spanish Rating Reports! No way , Huntelaar has highlighted how over-rated Dutch league can be, when players are at free-scoring form doesn't mean they are good. He will probably stay if he continues scoring 1 or 2 more goals, if he doesnt and is dropped, I see him dropping as well. Right now I believe he deserves to be drop 1. Robben is the only one who is sure to rise along Higuain
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