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  1. Enter the GW and click on the settings button (the one in the upper right part of your screen) and you'll find "quit club" among the options.
  2. New "custom" GW, World Championship setup, iD: 321480, all clubs except Barcelona are available.
  3. A new custom GW has just been opened. It has 5 divisions with 20 clubs and poor economy so you'll have to use your cash wisely and plan your transfers ahead since there are two transfer windows - one at the beginnig of the season, turns 1-4, and one in the middle of the season, turns 20-23. SMFA transfer monitoring is off, 4 clubs get relegated/promoted, no play-offs and the ID is 240375.
  4. Lovro

    No 9

    You can't do much in this game to help a player produce quality plays. Switching formations could only harm your team. You can only set Benzema as a target man because he's probably much better rated than the opposing defence and you could give him a new cotract in order to lift his morale up.
  5. Yes, the normal 442. Thanks, will try it.
  6. I've been playing two connect season with Bayer and ManU simultaneously. Both teams are second best in their respective connect seasons and six teams in both leagues play the generic 442. Yet, I'm currently 4th and 6th after 12 games. Playing defensively and countering works against the best teams, but against other teams nothing seems to work. Out of 16 games I lost half of them, some drawn and had a few lucky wins. I tried 442, 3421, 3412, 352 and 343 formations but none does the trick for me. And some teams I've lost to had a 4-5 points worse starting 11 than my team! Furthermore, I tried playing having a playmaker and a targetman, tried direct, short and mixed passing. Even tried playing down the flank with my 91 and 90 rated wingers against a team which had a 78 rated winger on one side and a 78 rated FB on the other flank. To make it even worse, in both of those connect seasons there is also a manager managing an 84 rated Portsmouth who plays a weird 4231 with attacking settings whom I only defeated once in four games. So, are those connect seasons worth playing or have I missed something very important?
  7. Would like to join if there's still a spot left. My username is Mamić Zdravko and the desired club is Lokomotiva Zagreb. I played Worlds a few years ago on another account and would like to start playing again in a competitive GW.
  8. Re: Scout Opposition - Using it against Human Opponents Wrong forum mate, this one is for SM15.
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