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  1. vamos criar uma Liga (mundial). Tem interesse em participar? https://chat.whatsapp.com/Kc1MTBmFIug8p6rUkOjpcn Aguardo.

  2. Hey rio no worries at all for not being much on the forum Most people left i gather However i would love to join and seeing SC Internacional in Div 5 has 61 players atm i would love to clean that mess up and give it a go My IGN on SM is Daniel Gramberg (onomanunn)
  3. @d5v1L of course you can join i will add you to the interested list and when i have enough managers to start the gw i will let you guys know just keep an eye on this forum as well and if there are questions/ideas just let me know. i want this world to be as open as possible for everyone involved.
  4. Ok thank you for responding @FDTV When the gw starts i will have a look at your manager history when you apply. From there i will decide if you are allowed to join but i don't expect any issues with allowing you
  5. Hello @FDTV First of all welcome to the forums (i guess your pretty new to the forums seeing the number of posts under your nickname )! Thank you for showing interest in this GW Next to that i will add you to the interested list. However may i ask what your in game trainer name is so i can add you as a friend? I need to be sure that you are either a new manager that hasn't played much yet or a manager that doesn't leave GW's quickly when they can't win for example. From experience i know a lot of managers that leave a custom GW quickly when they don't get what they want which in turn c
  6. Sounds like a nice challenge. I would love to join this gw Should i apply or is there a club you want managed due to that club not abiding the rules at the moment?
  7. Thank you @JAMO-LUFC-15 for showing interest. I will put you on the interested list Give me some time though to get some more managers in. The forums don't seem very active so i have to pm a few managers in my friend list i expect who knows...might be you who is reading this
  8. AE Iraklio to appoint new manager Daniel Gramberg has taken control of AE Iraklio on 9th december 2017. This season the Chairman expects him to mount a serious promotion challenge. AE Iraklio were founded in 1929 and play their home games at Municipal Stadium in Irakleio. The first thing the manager has done is sign three young players on loan to expand the squad. As well the manager is looking for more loan players to expand the squad a bit more and to give young players a chance to play when older players are tired, injured or banned. Insiders also mentioned that the new mana
  9. Portsmouth to appoint new manager Daniel Gramberg takes control of Portsmouth. This season the Chairman expects him to gain promotion. Portsmouth were founded in 1898 and play their home games at Fratton Park in Portsmouth. The club is also known as Pompey. The first step manager Gramberg has to take is bring back the squad to 40 players as the competition rules state. To do that no less then 11 players have already been transferlisted. According to inside sources this is the first step in revamping the squad towards a brighter future.
  10. Managers interested in this gw concept: 01. onomanunn aka Daniel Gramberg 02. Tranmere aka Fred Ziko 03. JAMO-LUFC-15 aka .......(IGN name) 04. FDTV aka ferd dert 05. d5v1L aka d5v1L 06. who knows...might be you who is reading this
  11. @TMCosta Don't be sorry for having max gw's mate There's never a reason to change what feels right for you @Tranmere aka Fred Ok i will make a new post under this one stating who are interested. It will take some time to fill i presume so bare with me for the time being
  12. @Tranmere aka Fred as far as i am concerned we can do this with 16 managers as well but i am happy you are interested Would you mind if i put you on a list of interested managers? @TMCosta yes Fred runs similar worlds but there are a few differences as in f.e. more prizes, the youth cup and league and instead of just having scouting abilities and buy what you want this has a squad cap. You will also need to build a team of 15 on which you can rely in the normal competition since the rating caps are on a higher level then Fred has in his gw's. But i do agree it's a lot a like most of Fr
  13. Hey guys and girls. First of all i wanna share that this idea has been brought up by 3 other managers and myself in 2015 and i am pretty sure it's still somewhere on the forum, however i am not sure if the old thread (Now this is what i call a soccer challenge) still is usuable hence i am creating a new one. Ben C (famous for the current Financial Fairplay gw) (I am not sure if he is still active in the game) is the one that helped me working out the first concept in 2015. After that i changed a lot around to make it even more challenging. The new concept was again sent to the 3 managers
  14. Aris appoints new manager Two days after manager Rob H left the club, Aris has appointed a new manager. Rookie manager Daniel Gramberg is happy to get the chance to lead Aris to new heights as the new manager of such a traditional club. Aris were founded in 1914 and play their home games at Kleanthis Vikelidis in Thessaloniki. The club is also known as Kitrinomavroi. This season the Chairman of Aris expects that the club and his new manager will mount a serious title challenge. Manager Gramberg has stated that a title challenge is in the future but with the current 5th place it will
  15. Lo Faso to be sold to AC Perugia AC Perugia manager Don Zauker has made an offer for Udinese Calcio's Simone Lo Faso. Simone Lo Faso is a 19 years old midfielder/attacker. He's both left and right and has a bright future ahead of him. Udinese manager Daniel Gramberg has accepted the offer due to the competition boards rules. Udinese wishes Lo Faso good luck in his future endeavors at AC Perugia and congratulates Don Zauker and AC Perugia on last season's win.
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