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    onomanunn got a reaction from TMCosta in The Challenge   
    @TMCosta Don't be sorry for having max gw's mate  There's never a reason to change what feels right for you  
    @Tranmere aka Fred  Ok i will make a new post under this one stating who are interested. It will take some time to fill i presume so bare with me for the time being  
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    onomanunn got a reaction from TMCosta in TITLES MEAN PROGRESS   
    Aris appoints new manager
    Two days after manager Rob H left the club, Aris has appointed a new manager. Rookie manager Daniel Gramberg is happy to get the chance to lead Aris to new heights as the new manager of such a traditional club. Aris were founded in 1914 and play their home games at Kleanthis Vikelidis in Thessaloniki. The club is also known as Kitrinomavroi.
    This season the Chairman of Aris expects that the club and his new manager will mount a serious title challenge. Manager Gramberg has stated that a title challenge is in the future but with the current 5th place it will take some time before that challenge will be fulfilled. He expects this season to end between place 4 and 7 which means there is a pretty big chance Aris will have to fight against relegation. The chairman hasn't responded yet on our questions relating to the manager's expectations.
    The squad will have to get accustomed to the new way of training, tactics and next to that the new manager will take some time to get to know his squad (209 players!) a bit better. All in all that will take half a season at least according to our sources. 
    More news on Aris and the new manager is expected in the coming weeks.
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    onomanunn got a reaction from Tranmere in TITLES MEAN PROGRESS   
    That sounds like a plan  I will keep a place open in my club spots. When a club comes free and you can't find a manager for it you can always hit me with a pm as well  I love your gw's and the style it represents. Thinking ahead as a manager and really managing. That's soccer manager for me!  
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    Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏
    Looooooool....That is all i could do for ya That is the love Ed was talking about But no one is desparate though Good luck though when you takeover!! I am sure the matches will be much better then this one.
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    Re: Luck of the Irish
    UDC is announcing the first 22 players to join the university on either a scholarship or permanent job as a teacher.:
    CAMP, Lee
    ROSSBACH, Sondre
    LORÍA, Marvin
    O'DEA, Darren (Irish)
    REINALDO, Manoel
    SAJIČIĆ, Lazar
    AJER, Kristoffer
    PEARCE, Alex (Irish)
    MATTIONI, Felipe
    WALLACE, Oliveira
    ANDREWS, Keith (Irish)
    LOVRIC, Sandi
    GARVAN, Owen (Irish)
    JAGIELLO, Filip
    BOUTOBBA, Bilal
    KENEDY, Robert
    MALCOM, Filipe
    MASON, Joe (Irish)
    WARD, Jamie (Northern Ireland)
    NAHUEL, Leiva
    Because UDC is proud of it's heritage of so many youth players breaking through the last 8 players will be talents from Ireland and/or Northern Ireland.
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    Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏
    In an exciting direct duel between the numbers 1 and 2 of division 1 Newcastle United beat Aston Villa 3 - 2. Lewandowski scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Pérez was also on the scoresheet for his side. For Aston Villa Tevez and Rakitic were on the scoresheet. Newcastle manager Gramberg was happy with having more ball possesion but also acknowledged that Villa had more chances and that the result could have been gone either way.
    Newcastle United is now with two matches to go 4 points away from the number 2 in division 1 Aston Villa and number 3 Chelsea. Number 4 Arsenal is 6 points away from Newcaste.
    The title race is still in full effect with Newcastle having to play AS Roma and Tottenham Hotspur and in between these matches the semi final second leg of the SMFA shield against Zenit. Manager Gramberg is looking forward to these matches but also warned his squad to not take these matches lightly if they wanna become champion.
    Aston Villa will have to win both matches against Hull City and Stoke City in the last two matches and hope that Newcastle will drop some points.
    Chelsea will meet Tottenham Hotspur and in their last match they will meet Arsenal which promises to be a candidate for match of the year and even could be a match about the title in division 1 if the results from other matches are in favour of either or both teams. In between Chelsea will play in the second semi final leg of the SMFA Champions Cup against Napoli.
    Arsenal will meet SS Lazio and then as mentioned before Chelsea in their last match of the season.
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    Re: Luck of the Irish
    dang there goes my luck and only chance on becoming a future champion
    What should i do now...i am not allowed to ask the little men (i ain't allowed to use the correct word for them...if i do drseanfitz will want to chuck me out, which he maybe already wants too ) for help.
    And how about buying players without gold....
    Keith...be a nice manager and share the pot of gold with us...or were you talking about that you have the rainbow
    To everyone...have a very good and lucky transfer period guys.
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    Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏
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    Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏
    Match Commentary:

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    onomanunn got a reaction from sirmarkhughes in EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏   
    Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏
    Score Centre reads:

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    onomanunn got a reaction from Raahizar in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    A few questions about this though, and yes i am the manager that let Costa and Hazard go which for me was not about ratings or favouring someone, i reserved Chelsea for sm points before the world opened anyways and i would not decide to lower my club in favour of anyone else when i pay for the club now would i. Letting them go had simply to do with tactics and liking a challenge with not just players that keep on growing.
    First when you would have been the manager getting these deals in favour of your club..would you also have making the same choice here in the forum and siding the same way as you did now?
    Second and way more important then the first one. Who decides which is ok and which is not on an objective base? Because now it seems it is based on who would be able to rise in the future and in ratings (who decides those ratings... ) and who is not..what if i as manager indeed want dutch players lower in ratings or not and what about if i like the challenge coming with it? And who knows upfront that Costa and Hazard will keep on growing in ratings? What if they have a bad season in reall life next season and the people that decide on rating decide they need to be lowered. Yes of course the chance is lower that they will go down then RVP and Mata, but there is more then just the ratings..how about tactical decision and even (which is as everything debatable) what about managers that have a good experience or bad experience with certain players in their tactics.
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    Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:.

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    onomanunn got a reaction from cainhoy in Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge   
    Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge
    Thank you cainhoy. You are on the list . Have a good time at work cainhoy mate and guys give him some support. Cainhoy is at work and can't play the game due to web sense. So he can only read the forums
    Managers interested in this gw (see the first post for all the rules)
    01. Onomanunn
    02. Elohim
    03. TomOwen
    04. Ben C
    05. KJKJ
    06. Raahizar
    07. Noisy
    08. Filipe Roberto
    09. cainhoy
    10. (maybe you that is reading this and is not in the above list yet...)
    Caretake managers when really needed:
    1. Cam Lucas
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