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  1. Re: Positions??? Help Please???!!! Some nice info here! (Y)
  2. Re: Players you should sell! No worries buddy, we are the ones who appreciate it, your the one doing it all.. and yeah of course, no worries
  3. Re: Rep points: HOW??? lol, this is 1st iv heard of managers points tbh.. :/
  4. Re: Rep points: HOW??? Yes, of course.. lol but, do you get them for winning things? etc..??
  5. Re: Rep points: HOW??? lol.. how can you get 3 points for a win :/ i think we have d a little mix up here.. lol i mean the manager points u have, that usually go up once a week.. lol The ones that when u join up you start on 40.. lol like, how do you get them higher?
  6. Re: Youth team? The youth team feature is good, it lets you organise your team, there is the an Inter team in wc 563 who has over 70 youth players, some of em r quality.. lol i just bought around 20 young players, all gna go in youth team, their ratings are gonna go up, and if i dont use em , ill still make i big profit..
  7. Re: Dan Payne's Team Giveaway Random comment, Dan i am liking the avatar.. lol..
  8. Re: Jermaine Defoe Defoe will definitely go too 90 or more.. Regarding Owen, imo he is better than Defoe, just he has been plagued by injuries.. Jesus, some people have short memories, Defoe might have scored more over the past year, but its not exactly hard for him too beat Owen's scoring record when Owen's lying in a treatment room somewhere.. :S I would like too see Defoe have the goalscoring record that Owen had at Real Madrid.. Defoe better than Owen, don't make me giggle.. lol And Redknapp said the other day, that Shearer is still good enough too get into most of the premiership teams, including his..(he admitted) It ain't stupid of him, but a fit Michael Owen, WOULD get into Pompey's starting 11, Defoe or Crouch having too miss out.
  9. Re: Dimitar Berbatov I thought it might not improve later on, that's why i bought him now.. lol i swapped him for Santa Cruz and another player.. what can you see happening to Santa Cruz's rating?
  10. Dimitar Berbatov: I have just bought this guy, can you see his rating going up, as seen as he has gone to united and all.. Cheers.
  11. Re: Players you should sell! good thread mate, it makes sense.. just warning of who too sell and then a few other good players who would be good buys..
  12. Re: ScOuT'S Top 100 Hot Prospects! Wheres the top 20 list?
  13. Re: Rating Change Dates Nice info mate cheers
  14. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Great thread. bought a few of the players from here.. Great work.. lol
  15. Re: Great Talent and Riser from Croatia - Duje COP Cheers mate i will buy!
  16. Re: FINALLY he's on the DB! (10k too) I offered for him, shall get him, Cheers mate. some great threads around here
  17. Re: Top Talents List - All Price/Ability Ranges Great thread, just bought a few of these players mentioned.. Great thread people.
  18. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 4 If its alright fore me too enter?? Here are my predictions.. I won a prediction league last year out of hundreds of people. a bit late here, ,maybe too late, but its a challenge.. Saturday 13th September Liverpool 1-2 Manchester United Charlton 2-2 Wolverhampton Wanderers Bordeaux 0-0 Marseille Borussia Dortmund 1-2 FC Schalke 04 Sunday 14th September Juventus 1-0 Udinese (ESB) Villarreal 2-0 Deportivo La Coruna Stoke City 1-2 Everton Napoli 0-1 Fiorentina
  19. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 4 Do you just post your predictions here to enter?
  20. Re: Rep points: HOW??? I opened this thinking you meant the rep points on SM lol.. do you get rep points on there for winning stuff or not?
  21. Alright people, I'm Josh Sharples, been on SoccerManager for a bit now, and thought I'd join this forum, might aswell!! Got 3 teams: Boca Juniors Setup: World Championship 563 Setup Owner: SoccerManager Setup Creator: SoccerManager Internazionale Setup: International Premier League Setup Owner: SoccerManager Setup Creator: Dariusz Podsiadlo Blackburn Rovers Setup: English Championship 1727 Setup Owner/Creator: SoccerManager
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