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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I'm selling a few players as my squad is massive..!! And im only selling them because they just dont play.. I am selling these.. what do you guys think?! Barzagli Kyle Naughton Ignazo Ibate Stefano Guberti Juan Vargas Sebastien Corchia Am i right to be selling these? Some have just risen.. and don't forget, i am only selling them because i need cash, and they are not near my 1st team.
  2. Re: Andrea Barzagli Or Tomás UJFALUSI I am gonna sell Barzaagli for 12 mill.. because i have the likes of Pique, Marquez, Samuel, Vermaelen, etc etc.... theres no point in keeping him is there!?
  3. Which would you prefer out of these 2?
  4. Re: My Youth Squad - who to sell? I have placed the majority of what you said on the transfer list.. as i will not be needing them and want to clear my team up. I also have a massive first squad.. soo some of these younger players who arent really gonna rise it will be good for me to get them off the wage bill
  5. He has just risen 7 to 85 .. i dont need him. Should i cash in?
  6. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Alberto BOTIA.. has just risen.. keep or not?
  7. When are his rating changes? I am looking to cash in on him in order to buy Gourcuff..
  8. Re: Tactics Help Thread Seems to be working decent anyways! I think she slow pace and full backs going forwars is helping.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I am swapping my player Barzagli for Tomás UJFALUSI Good deal!?
  10. Re: Tactics Help Thread lol yeah cheers for the reply mate. I have tried this before and it does work well sometimes. But with such a good team i am all ears.. well eyes for opinions on what to do lol..
  11. Re: Tactics Help Thread What and leave out Maicon? lol
  12. Re: Tactics Help Thread I have a problem, before the season starts. My United team is class but i don't know what formation to play. Its an English championship.. and i need something consistent, for the league... like.. the best formation possible. I have tried alot, but i have built the team up really well. All full on morale etc etc.... Anyways, here goes dudes... Casillas(Keeper obviously) - I was putting him as captain.. but with such a good outfield, im not so sure!? Hmm Maicon Ferdinand Chiellini Lucio Lahm Albiol Felipe Melo Xabi Alonso Navas Kaka Iniesta C.Ronaldo Messi Torres M.Gomez The rest aint worth mentioning, as they are 90 and below, youth squad
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I am selling Luís NANI for 25 million. I bought him for 11 mill and he has never featured in my team.. i have much better players such as valencia, joe cole etc etc for that position. Good deal?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have sorted a deal with someone.. i am getting Xabi Alonso for Yaya Toure and Lisandro Lopez and some money. I dont need the money really as i have a squad of 100 players or something. Its just Alonso would be class addition to my midfield.. he could take yaya toures place.. and partnet Essien and Hamsik And i i dont need Lopez.. i have Van Persie, Berbatov, Gignac.. etc etc.. What you guys think !?
  15. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings What about these players changes? : Sebastien FREY Walter SAMUEL Marek HAMSIK Juan VARGAS Gaetano D'AGOSTINO Ignazio ABATE Stefano GUBERTI
  16. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) What about these players from Spain? : Dmytro CHYGRYNSKIY Rafael MARQUEZ Gnégnéri YAYA TOURE Rodríguez PEDRO Diego PEROTTI Dominguez PABLO HERNANDEZ Sergio ASENJO
  17. Re: SMFA block my deals with certain clubs loll yeah i know.. but i have been at the club for ages.. i dont have a super team or anything but im at the top of the league.. my best player is essien(95) then the likes of berbatov and van persie.. so i think im doing pretty **** well. And i know i have never cheated.. there are 2 of my mates who joined the setup and are from the same town.. but the i.p aint the same, obviously. so god knows why it blocks them.. and one of my mates who has the best team in the league (inter milan, who he got offered, lucky sod) he is a stubborn f&*k and its hard to even tempt him into a deal lol.. he has all the best players which the manager before him created the team.. players such as messi, xavi,torres, eto, villa, rooney, fabregas, maicon, casillas, cole, abidal, arshavin.. and better players.. basically all the best players.. ( and hes still doing **** haha) but the thing is.. i wanna rob him.. and tempt him to a deal for a good player or 2.. as i can be persuasive .. but i cannot do deals with him.. and about 3/4 other clubs.. and the others it blocks.. are from a different country or something.. god knows who they are.. lol .. as i say i have been managing them for around 2 years nearly.. and done great with limited players.. as the setup is small and the managers are all tight, stubborn gits lol .. its world championship 563 anyways.. i might write to them, as i know i have never cheated, not once. Who do i write to?
  18. Re: SMFA block my deals with certain clubs nope.. not really.. it happens with about 3 or 4 clubs..
  19. Re: SMFA block my deals with certain clubs Yeah but i can i not write to them or anything? So i can get them to stop it.. because its so annoying.. I'll use an example.. just recently me and this other manager have been negotiating for ages over Navas who is his player.. i finally accept and it blocks it.. its annoying and its my favourite setup.. i have been there for ages, as i said about 2 years nearly. I took them Boca Juniors from bottom 3rd division and i currently sit top of the top division So anyu way in which i can make them see sense and stop spoiling the game for me.???
  20. Re: My Squad.. who to sell? lol yeah i just wanna cash in.. my squad is too big.. 100 players so im getting tird of my youth squad.. but keeping big starts such as Hazard, Rafael, Santon.. etc etc.. Yeah i think i get the idea.. thanks for reply anyways mate.
  21. Re: My Squad.. who to sell? I only just bought him before the recent ratings haha so tb till feb . hmmmm
  22. Re: SMFA block my deals with certain clubs Yeah but i never have lol what can i do
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