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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... lol Hmmmm its a close one......
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have just accepted a count offer for Navas .. I am getting Jesús NAVAS and givieng him 45 million.. Lisandro Lopez and Andrea BARZAGLI. I know it seems alot.. but there aren't many like Navas for right mid. I don't need lopez i have berbatov and van persie. And also have a squad of 100 players nearly and also 100 million.. so around 50 after this. What do people think!?!? Also any comments about their ratings will be appreciated!?
  3. Re: Luis ANDERSON well i think getting 69 million for him is great. I already have a massive team.. after this sale i'll have about 100 million... and ive got a squad of around 100 players hahahah
  4. Re: Luis ANDERSON i'm selling him for 69 million lol
  5. Re: Robert Enke......Tribute thread..... kinel :/ r.i/p fella
  6. Re: Luis ANDERSON i'll be mad if he rises now
  7. Re: Luis ANDERSON I've already got the likes of Hamsik, Essien, Yaya Toure, Defour in centre mid. That's why i'm considering it.. so then i can buy a replacement, maybe someone better..
  8. What will his rating be in the next changes?! I have been offered 50 million for him lol.... Hmmmmmmmm
  9. Re: Holger BADSTUBER haha okay i will keep him ! ;/
  10. Now he has rose to 85 is it worth selling him? Because i know i won't be playing him at all in the near future! ...
  11. Re: My Manchester United team Yeah i will try it when i lose maybe, as i keep winning as of late. In the cups i use my reserves and 442 and am in the last 16 and last 8 of both cups.. in the league i stick with 4 1 3 2.. with all 3 attacking mids forward arrows.. its working anyways.. next time i lose i shall try 3 5 2 out
  12. Re: Sebastien Frey i have him i hope he stays lol hes class
  13. What will his rating change be?
  14. Re: Jamie Carragher I've got Vermaelen already lol
  15. Re: Jamie Carragher Is it worth paying 45 mill for him?
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... The deal has been completed anyways: "Sporting CP have managed to sign Martin DEMICHELIS from Boca Juniors on a deal believed to be around £11,000,000 plus Givanildo Vieira HULK and Aly CISSOKHO." I am Boca Juniors lol.. I think i've got a good deal.. My other defenders are ones such as Lescott, Vermaelen, Samuel, Barzagli, Marquez, etc etc.....
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have accepted an offer for Demichelis (93) of 11 million.. Givanildo Vieira HULK (88) + Aly CISSOKHO (86) ... What do you guys think
  18. Re: My Manchester United team Next time i lose a game or play bad i will try that for a game mate and see how it goes. Cheers for the reply
  19. Re: My Manchester United team Yeah i had 4 1 3 2 last season and won the league.. but lost cup final.. however only just won the league as lost last few games..and **** start to this season.. but i had messi upfront instead of ronaldo lol i will try what u said though for my next game and see how it goes mate So normal back 4 obviously... then xabi defensive mid other 3 attacking mids of messi kaka iniesta all running forward.. that it?
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cheers dude.. and the rest of you.. ill get the deal done
  21. Re: ***Steven N'Zonzi*** Being a Blackburn fan, i see him week in week out.. and the guy is a REAL talent.. and he will be off to a top 4/5 club in the future i think. I think he will rise by at least +4 ... then if he carries on, more afterwards.. great buy in the summer for us
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have been offered this for my Lescott - Givanildo Vieira HULK + Aly CISSOKHO Should i accept?! lol
  23. Re: Mario Gomez i canceled anyways lol.. kinda didn't like the idea of it.
  24. Re: What's The Highest Rating You've Seen? sell him now? lol
  25. Re: Mario Gomez I have had an offer accepted for Gomez.. i offered Lisandro Lopez Grafite and 7 million..am i getting a good deal here?
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