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  1. Re: Diego CAPEL Cheers lads.. hope it stays and it goes through... good times!
  2. What will this guys next rating change be? I have been offered 47 million for him... which i think is outrageous so i accepted.. good right? lol
  3. Re: Martin DEMICHELIS I am selling him for 35 million.. good deal? i think so.. lol
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm gonna cancel then and just offer him Demichelis for 30 mill or something, because i don't want Ben Arfa if he aint gonna rise or anything... i have enough good young players...!?
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have accepted an offer of 25 Million and Ben Arfa for my Demichelis. What you guys think?! I need cash sooooo....!?!?!
  6. Re: If you want to make money buy these 26 players now So all these have already raised? lol i love money making threads like these! .. I am going to sell all as soon as i can .. More threads like this welcome!
  7. The thing is.. my team is great! .. but i just want to secure a winning formula.. something consistent and the best possible? lol My team is Casillas Maicon Ferdinand Chiellini Abidal Ronaldo Xabi Alonso Kaka Iniesta Torres Messi I did win the league last season.. and now i am lying in 5th or something few points off top But what i want.. is something consistent as i say..any ideas people!?
  8. Re: Martin DEMICHELIS Yeah im looking to cash in on him lol .. and im short for cash anyways... is he not doing well at bayern at the minute?
  9. Re: ONYEWU, Oguchi What will happen to this guy in the next changes? lol
  10. Re: Yasin Pehlivan hes raised.. and i n need the cash so im gonna sell him?! lol I can always by him back if i need.. but i am in desperate need of cash so i am selling all these money makers?! right choice?
  11. When and what will his rating change be?!
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I am looking to sell Martin DEMICHELIS and have been offered 25 million and Hamit Altintop.. i think im gonna negotiate.. lol what will Martin DEMICHELIS change to and when?
  13. Re: Yaya Toure and other 90+ risers whys he rarely featured?! lol
  14. Is he going to go down? I want to get rid of him from my team and get someone else who is better and may rise etc.. lol Any ideas folks?
  15. Re: James Collins yooooooooo??
  16. Will his rating change? He is looking good for Villa..
  17. Re: Davide Astori (defender) - Cagliari's riser what will he rise to
  18. Re: Bacary SAGNA Never heard of that guy.. is he good?
  19. Re: Chagas PAULO HENRIQUE Soo.. would you jews sell him or not!?!?!
  20. Just rose... is he worth selling now to cash in on?
  21. Re: Nicolás GAITAN Cheers for the reply mate.. but i have already sold him, just now
  22. Re: Nicolás GAITAN !?????????
  23. Re: *New Wigan Sensation - Hendry Thomas* what will he rise to?
  24. Re: Anton Peterlin - new Everton signing will his rating change at all?!
  25. What will his next rating change be? And when is the ratings? cheers
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