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  1. Hi, I am currently planning to improve my squad, so your help will be very welcome. I have dilemma should I buy: Gotze or Rodriguez? - here I slightly lean towards Rodriguez, but as I have tons of money, I consider buying them both. Fabregas or Iniesta? - Iniesta can also play on the left and has 96 rating, compared to Fabregas' 95, but Cesc is three years younger. Lahm or Silva? - Both of them are pretty old, but my defense is my weakest link in a chain, so one of them would be a great asset to my team (it doesnt matter that they aren't the same position). Di Maria vs Ozil? - This is on
  2. I would also go with Ter Stegen, he is a 93+ material and Bravo rise is debatable.
  3. In my opinion this is a good deal, Javi and Azpi are good and still pretty young players (Azpi will rise soon IMO). Just I don't see any prosperity in Giroud but for that ammount you can't get better striker.
  4. I would like to be a part of this gameworld. Is there one place left?
  5. You should buy Nemanja Antonov, he recently won FIFA U20 World Cup with Serbia, and was starter in almost every game. He is criminally underrated, has only 72 rating but I expect that he will rise at least to 78/79 soon. Also you should go with Bradford Jamieson, he is promising player from LA Galaxy. Good Luck
  6. Re: What players should I keep or sell I am about to run out of cash due to a big pay roll, so, can anyone help me, please?
  7. Hi, this is my youth squad, and I have too many players. Can you help me and give me your opinion about should I keep these players or should I sell them: SVENDSEN, Sander 17 79 AVDIJAJ, Donis 18 76 CHRISTENSEN, Andreas 18 76 SHAW, Luke 19 88 ÇALHANOĞLU, Hakan 20 89 TORRES, Óliver 20 86 KOHR, Dominik 20 84 MILIK, Arkadiusz 20 86 TALISCA, Anderson 20 85 WENDELL, Borges 21 85 STAFYLIDIS, Kostas 21 84 MAHER, Adam 21 88 LOMB, Niklas 21 76 KARIUS, Loris 21 87 SCUFFET, Simone 18 84 HAZA
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