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  1. Any thoughts on Karius? Worth getting in if you already have Casillas - who we know isn't going to last at 92 too much longer! Competitive gw and not too many keepers remaining. Casillas and Karius might be a nice combo without any concerns starting. Also, I have a chance to get Matip in a gameworld but I need to muster up some funds. In doing so I think selling Leandro Castan might be the best way to do business since it's a bit tight with cash flow. Worth selling Castan to bring in Matip? I know Castan had his injury and is due back soon but recent talk of him going on loan in January is worrying, and Rudiger is doing a good job for Roma at the minute. But anyway, surely Matip will get 90 in the next update? Karius also up maybe?
  2. Am I right in thinking Aubam set for a 92 next update? Have a bit of a LB and Striker crisis at my team at the minute and Have an offer of Digne and Dzeko for Aubameyang. Great offer and very tempted, especially since I think Roma look like very promising title contenders this season imo Only thing bothering me is Dzeko's age, 30 next Feb. Aubameyang doing some good things at the minute!
  3. Yep I do agree I guess I just kept for sentimental value, same with kaka! Just curious as to the drop. I'll click that accept button. I bought Falque about 2 months ago so we will replace nicely + wages way less He was a useful sub and played all attacking positions... Anyways, R.i.p, Souza
  4. Well, Robinho is off to China... Anyone know when his drop will happen? And if so would it be -2? I still use him as a sub in a gw! Time to sell
  5. Mandzukic for a +1? 5th best for Atletico Madrid with 12 goals, 5 assists and 1945 minutes Edit: Oooh some rises in already, I take it Mandzukic is staying then!?? Surprised Griezman only up 1. I'm sure he will rise to that 93 pretty soon Casillas -1! Harsh? Juanfran +1 is fair.
  6. Yeah, Juanfran has 35 appearances in La Liga, 4 assists, 10 CL appearances and 3 assists as well as Spain RB and a few cup matches... Surely a possible 92 on the cards with Miranda and Godin rated higher already
  7. Any chance of Juanfran getting a 92? Also, Cheryshev +2? Seems like a longhsot but he's done quite well this season. +1 defo.
  8. Falque got that +3 today Koulibaly up +1 in the next few days? Reckon Pjanic and Manolas will make +1?
  9. Manolas to get 90? Have an offer in a gw for Benatia which is including Manolas and Draxler... tempted to go for it especially if Manolas has a chance of 90... thoughts? Also, Falque +2? Castan to keep 90 since it was an injury? Pjanic +1?
  10. I know the German review was just done but after a young keeper and the German goalkepers are top of the 87/88 ratings in a competitive gameworld... Anyways, I have Casillas as my gk so as we know he's no spring chicken so any thoughts on what keeper to bring in as his replacement eventially? Kevin Trapp and Loris Karius popped up for under 25 and 88/87 rated. Karius has decent stats this season and both around the same value so anyone know if there is a better option than those 2 chaps.. or who to choose from them 2? Cheers
  11. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions What do we make of Tadic? Should be safe enough but he kind of petered out toward the end of the season and had a groin injury too. Reckon he will be part of Southampton's plans next season? Have an offer in for Tadic of Destro and another offer of Pato for Tadic.... Any thoughts on who to choose? Thinking of stickin' with Tadic for the time being... is 91 even a possibility eventually?
  12. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Mauricio, Radu or Koulibaly Need an extra defender in a gw that has them available at the minute. Koulibaly is the youngest but Surely Mauricio will go up before him with Lazio having a great season? Or both to rise?
  13. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Thoughs on Lazio's Felipe Anderson? +1, +2 or off to United for 50 mil!? I just received an offer in a competitive gameworld involving Felipe Anderson... Aubameyang and Felipe Anderson for Hamsik.... pretty tempted by it... thoughts?
  14. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Just picked him up in a gw, some decent stats lately and hopefully a sneaky 88... 87 surely though
  15. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Another goal and assist for Riccardo Saponara this weekend. Surely a +2 with his recent form! Reckon he will stay or go back to Milan?
  16. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread Claudio Beauve +2? 15 goals this season and talk of moving to the BPL in Summer Can pick him up for 7 mil in a gameworld and wondering if he's worth a punt!
  17. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Stefan Radu to make 90? Lazio not doing too bad lately but know little about Radu! Is he going to get replaced anytime soon or chance of an update? Also, Napoli's Koulibaly should go up right!?
  18. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Willian +1 anyone? I have the chance to swap Pjanic for him in a gameworld and considering it since I have a few mids and lacking a winger... Reckon he will make a 92 with the Chelsea title on it's way? And Ramires probably staying at 91 right? Not played too much but featured a bit lately with Chelsea's defensive lineups
  19. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Reckon Yanga-Mbiwa will go up +1 with his current game time and filling in with Castan out? Speaking of Castan, I see he is back training after the surgery/injury... Reckon he will keep his 90 and possibly get some minutes again soon?
  20. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Isn't Jackson as good as gone in summer? I think he wants out and lots of speculation suggest it! I just wonder if he's good enough to step up if Jackson does leave
  21. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Anyone see a rise for Aboubakar? He just became available in a gameworld and wondering to take a punt Cheers
  22. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Thx for the input and true about Higuain. Lots of talk for him transferring in Summer too. What do you reckon about Koulibaly for Napoli?
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