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  1. All i said was the statistics available now show that the flu is deadlier, healthy should not quarantine, certainly someone with health complications should quarantine. Agreed, lets stick to football, sorry i brought my opinion forward, even though it was meant more in a light hearted way
  2. Have you ever took a vaccine for the flu? hmm
  3. The virus is not so bad, or at least as its being reported. Just look at the numbers, initially they predicted multiple millions of deaths, and rightly took measures to prevent it from spreading/overwhelming the hospitals but 2 months in and its nowhere near that number. The stats dont lie. Influenza, the common flu has higher percentage of mortality, we dont see people quarantining for that, specially healthy people. Imo we should just quit the drama and play some ball, the deaths caused by frustrated scousers alone if the season gets voided is surely something to take into account
  4. In a league where most household u23s are taken which ones of these strike you the most as must buys? Malcolm (Zenit), Bailey (Leverkusen), Guimaraes (Lyon), Saint-Maxim (Newcastle), Mckennie (Schalke), Diatta (Brugge), Orsolini (Bologna), Maupay (Brighton), Neuhaus (Mochengladbach), Vlasic (CSKA), Kouame (Fiorentina), Diakhaby (Valencia), Mateta (Mainz), Matheus Henrique (Gremio), Angelino (Leipzig), Lukebakio (Hertha), Luiz Felipe (Lazio), Raphinha (Rennais), Pau Torres (Villareal), Tousart (Hertha), Nunez (Athletic), Roca (Espanyol), Bowen (West Ham).
  5. I think Lloris is safe for now, goalkeepers tend to keep the ratings longer.. but really wouldnt be surprised if SM dropped him to 91, they seem to be slowly downgrading Tottenhams' old guard. Vertonghen I'm expecting a -2 to be honest (weird they didnt do a -1 in the last review). Ndombele might be lucky to hold on to 91 cuz of his injuries, his performing has been dreadful
  6. Anyone got a good counter to a 4-3-3B (all default instructions) equally rated teams? thx
  7. Ah yes, the jogging match from Ndombele. I recommend Carragher's Monday Night Football analysis of that performance, its hilarious
  8. You mean when Mourinho went by Ndombele's home from an impromptu training session in the park during lockdown?
  9. Ndicka +1/+2? Heads up @Sir Rahul: Kouassi +10 to 80 but hes already 78
  10. Yes theres more to it than stats, thats why i was curious since i never seen them playing. But for example PSxG stats i quoted are based only on skill of the goalkeeper, its about the shots faced and what average of them is the goalkeeper expected to save, this is only up to the goalie and Nübel really didnt do much, infact with a marginally negative score suggests he should have been saving more than he has, certainly a talented goalkeeper would have. And to be fair Nübel has in front pretty good CBs, Kabak is class for example, one of the best performing CB in the Bundesliga. N
  11. Unai based on what may i ask? Nübel has just under 1.5 goals per 90 minutes played, Unai 0.8 (even fractionally lower than Henderson). On shots faced vs expected goals (PSxG) Nübel is in negative numbers, -0.1. Unai smokes him with 6.6 (Henderson 6.8) meaning Unai (and Henderson) saved their teams almost 7 goals On to more regular stats, 19/20: Henderson: 2689 mins played, 22 goals conceded, 10 clean sheets Unai: 2430 mins played, 20 goals conceded, 10 clean sheets Nübel: 2076 mins played, 27 goals conceded, 6 clean sheets I must admit i havent seen much of U
  12. Vinicius? With all these hyped young players rising 2, 3 times a season was expecting at least a +1
  13. If you need striker, yes. I would wait until he turns 23 in a month and his value drops to 16 mil If you looking to make a quick turn over, i guess theres other players better suited
  14. Given the trend of anti-premier league bias at SM, Maxi Gomez would never go over 90 rating If he was a West Ham player instead of Celta Vigo he would surely be 88 rated about now
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