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  1. Oops, yeah my bad.. thought i saw christensen/rüdiger still on 89
  2. What happened with chelsea? Christensen, rüdiger, alonso, azpi.. all so impressive this season.. +fa cup winners
  3. I'd say Bruno Fernandes. Even Diego Simeone said (before Atletico faced Sporting in the Europa league last round) that from all the Sporting team he would like to have Bruno Fernandes, and there are some really good talents there
  4. Does anyone know which leagues will be reviewed next?
  5. Lol, don't listen to this guy, he's just trolling Pep Guardiola Manchester City have bought Ederson for some reason and not the goalies from Brazilian League, which probably would cost a fraction of the money Ederson cost. Why? Because these GKs you named are unproven in Europe. Also meaning Brazilian league is not as competitive as european leagues.
  6. I feel like Ederson and Salah might be looking at a +2
  7. Just received a standard reply saying there was no bug and consider the matter closed. Soccer Manager, I'm done with you, I quit. The cheaters, the bugs but most of all the utter disregard that this company has for its users were the last straw. Good riddance
  8. Same just happened to me! Donnarumma just requested a transfer after he played ALL the games since 13 of May! What the hell?! In total he played 29 of 46 games just 63%. My first team average rating is 91 (and full team 88). How can I report this?
  9. CHEATING TOLERATED IN SOCCER MANAGER I reported a manager that admitted in private message to me to be a cheater and SM does nothing. He still plays with his 7 accounts and continues his 1 year run of uncountable illegal transfers. This soccer manager people are outright lying on their Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. Cheating is ignored and there is the confirmation. What more proof do you need to ban someone for cheating than a confession. Disgusting.
  10. Clearly SM need to start paying more attention to the other major european leagues, and stop being so harsh on EPL players.. We are talking here of the toughest domestic league in the world, players in it should be rated accordingly. Kovacic +1 for absolute nothing, Herrera stays at 91 Thiago +2, whilst Kante only +1 Oblak to 93, Lloris stays at 92 Rooney -2, while Götze only gets -1 after sitting pretty for ages on 93 Azpilicueta stays 92... You'd think they would reward players they see week in week out but too often victims of the grass-is-always-greener syndrome
  11. What have SM been smoking.. Herrera's last rating change was 23.07.2015 Honors since then: 1x FA Cup, 1x English Super cup, 1x League Cup, 1x Europa League winner Player of the year at Man Utd, 50 apps, 2 Goals and 11 assists across all comps Certainly… Certainly he has to rise.
  12. Kante +1 to 93 while Thiago got a +2 94 is shocking really. Premier league player of the season not good enough
  13. Yeah Thiago just got a +2 bump to 94 in Germany, don't see why Kanté shouldn't get it also..
  14. The cheating manager that I now reported over 20 times and I mentioned in this thread, has just admitted to his (currently 7) multiple accounts on private message to me. I don't know how to report a pm, but the next transfer he makes I will direct SM to my private messages and then we will know without a doubt that either SM staff don't read reports at all or they just look the other way on cheaters.
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