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  1. Vinicius? With all these hyped young players rising 2, 3 times a season was expecting at least a +1
  2. If you need striker, yes. I would wait until he turns 23 in a month and his value drops to 16 mil If you looking to make a quick turn over, i guess theres other players better suited
  3. Given the trend of anti-premier league bias at SM, Maxi Gomez would never go over 90 rating If he was a West Ham player instead of Celta Vigo he would surely be 88 rated about now
  4. Alba or Marcelo? Should i wait for Marcelo to drop 93 (92?), or go for Alba at 92? Whats the chances Alba will rise to 93?
  5. Another SM excuse not to put in work hours into Worlds
  6. sm slow af, soon we at 1 player review per day smh
  7. I don't see De Vrij getting a +1, Rüdiger was also in line for a +1 with similar stats but didnt get it. Maybe cuz Rüdiger got injured in the final stages of the season but he 100% deserved 92 rating, key player and Chelsea finished 3rd and won the Europa League So its impossible to predict anymore, SM ratings follow little logic, more hype De Vrij +1 is a coin flip, definitely not a sure thing imo
  8. At least a small justice is done. Eriksen 94, Pognalty stays 93
  9. Premier League teams dominated the European comps this season, whats SM excuse for trashing their ratings/value? Premier League market value = 8.14 bn –> on SM = 4.97 bn –> -39% La Liga market value = 5.23 bn –> on SM 3.73 bn –> -28% Serie A market value = 4.42 bn –> on SM 3.57 bn –> -19% Bundesliga market value = 4.17 bn –> on SM 3.78 bn –> -9% Clearly the PL getting the short end of the stick by a big, big margin
  10. I refer you to my previous West Ham rant.. Fabianski didnt even get a +1 SM extremely harsh on the most competitive league in the World, absolutely disfunctional Older players getting trashed, young ones overrated
  11. West Ham completely destroyed 😮 😮 Yarmolenko: great start of the season then gets injured SM drops him, i thought injured players dont get ratings decrease! Its on the guidelines right? Wilshere: same like Yarmolenko, but his drop is more acceptable I guess.. Sanchez: again another lengthy injury player that drops Diop: Outstanding consistent first season could've gotten +2.. he rose last review so +1 is acceptable BUT player like Militao got a +5 rise in 5 months so i was expecting Diop to reach the 90 as well Rice: +6 in 5 months but again such incredible season rewarded with National team call up, 89 rating would be fair Cresswell & Ogbonna: Solid season, right behind the clubs top performers, get -1.. Shocking Fabianski: GK with most saves in the EPL, another West Ham player with incredible season, probably will get reviewed tomorrow but i was expecting the +2 but it seems like a +1
  12. Rightly so. Im on the Eriksen94 one
  13. Pogba stats: 16 goals = 8 from penalty spot AND two of the other are tap-ins from his own missed penaltys.. so essentially 10 pens He has been dismal this season, but yeah SoccerManager all about the hype
  14. On the app its working, on browser (new UI) logs in but doesnt load my teams
  15. Imo now that Liverpool won the CL: Van Dijk +1 94 Mane +1 94 Alisson +1 94 Wijnaldum +1 92 Robertson +1 92 Fabinho +1 92 Henderson +1 92 Milner +1 92 Trent +2 91 Matip +1 91 Gomez +1 90 Origi +2 90
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