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  1. I also like the wages and values, some are a bit much, but i think a players value should be affected on factors such as signing a new contract (possibly having the option as a manager to adjust how much [capped obviously at an amount fitting to a rotation/first team and key player]) also factors like having just signed to a new club - in real life you can't get a player for his true lower value if he has literally just signed for another team, so for a season or first half of a season should have a 25%+ value increase
  2. I was mulling over some things I read about squad caps and various things like that, yes you do get hoggers. However, it is always likely that whilst you may say someone is hogging and he has 178 players, it is likely that you have around 50-70 yourself. I personally don't think squad caps are a way forward as I believe in strong youth systems and loaning out players that are not quite good enough to play in the first team but are too good to keep in the u21s. I would put forward that like in other football management games, you are required to register a squad for the league, thus the cup an
  3. Re: Last night's results didn't come in Yeah I'm in the same position, good to know it's not just me! Have some highly anticipated results waiting in the wings.
  4. I think it'd be a great idea to utilise the space under the Rating Changes in a players profile and instead of having a graph there, that I'm not sure many take into consideration, there should be a list of accolades a player has to his name, such as titles and cups he's won with which team and whether he was the best player of the season or golden boot winner. e.g. - Division 1 Title (Arsenal), Cup (Lazio), Golden Boot (Season 23). It's not a fully devised idea but somewhere next to what titles the player has won they'd have the season. Maybe even a number in brackets could be enough. Anyway,
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