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  1. Daesh

    Managers having negative cash

    They should be made to sell players to get out of debt
  2. That's realistic isn't it. this is why player concerns are right if if you don't like it, sell Dembele
  3. So sell him them and stop hogging players. lets get Player Concerns speeded up. lets have random transfer requests, the transfer market is moribund in most GWS
  4. Daesh

    Have player concerns been changed?

    Absolutely player concerns should be speeded up and as for selling a player to a new manager: Yes - you should be. Player hogging ruined SM squad limits of 40 NOW
  5. Daesh

    loan system improvement

    That squad is way too big and you need to sell
  6. Daesh

    player concerns

    Player Concerns has been an essential improvement but yes, it needs more work a. Speed them up. It's taking too long for players to demand a transfer b. Decrease from 5 levels to 3 c. No unhappy player should sign a new contract i.e. If a players contract expires and he is on Level 1 or higher, he leaves on a free transfer. d. Introduce random transfer demands. If a player is Level 5, then he demands a transfer so that is a 100% event. So: a player on Level 1 should have a 20% of demanding a transfer when unhappiness levels are reviewed, Level 2 40% etc Injuries are irrelevant, make sure you play players before and after injuries. If you have players who develop unhappiness, then your squad is too big.
  7. Daesh


    Squad size limits have always been needed
  8. 1. Allow "no recall" loans to be negotiated. 2. Allow for time specific loans to be negotiated. 3. Speed up the unhappiness for players being loaned out. 4. Allows managers to specify "no cup games" to prevent players being cup tied.
  9. Player concerns - this has had a small but positive impact on the game but it just hasn't gone far enough. a. It takes far too long to reach level 5 b. Clubs and managers aren't penalised for having a player who has 1-4 unhappiness. c. It hasn't significantly stopped player hogging d. Managers can work around it. Its time to overhaul it but retain the same premise. a. Speed the process up. b. No player who is unhappy should sign a new contract (stands to reason). If a players contract expires at the end of a season and he is at level 1 or higher, the player will leave for free. c. A player on level 5 will 100% demand a transfer so the logical conclusion is that a player on level 1 should have a 20% chance of demanding a transfer at those points in a season when unhappiness is scored. And therefore a player is on level 4 has an 80% chance. in most game worlds, the transfer market has stagnated - this will help unclog the market and make the game much more enjoyable. And challenging!
  10. Daesh

    Club finances - penalise debtors

    So a manager in one of my game worlds has been running at double figure debt throughout the season but has been bailed out by a £40 million chairman inject. Not acceptable really. Budgets are about looking forward, not spending with the expectation that they can be clawed back at the end of the season. Chairman sales a must
  11. Daesh


    Bye Seriously, stop whinging. The game is horribly biased towards player hogging, even to the extent that clubs can just run up huge debts and hope that the chairman "injects" funds. The game is supposed to be challenging. Chairman involvement enhances game play and increases the challenge
  12. Daesh

    New players added

    If SM suggest to research players, then SM ought to hide new players and not publish the list. Thus forcing managers to research
  13. Daesh

    Here's a suggestion

    And the silly thing is that the one thing that would improve SM beyond measure.......proper squad size limits......but they won't touch it
  14. Daesh

    Player Transfer Availability

    Try coming back with sensible answers You are in a game which relies on a transfer market. How can you block someone from bidding for a player when you expect managers and computer controlled clubs to respond to your bids. Hypocrisy is the word You are to respond to bids. It's being polite
  15. Daesh

    Have player concerns been changed?

    Big fan of player unhappiness rules - I just lost Thomas Mueller but thats my own fault The process needs to be speeded up and reduce the levels of unhappiness down to 3 levels We still urgently need proper squad size limits of say 50 to 60 players